Andrew Cuomo's Epiphany: mass at Albany's cathedral

New York’s new governor¬† evidently began the new year like a lot of Catholics did: by heading to mass.

From the New York Daily News:

Gov. Cuomo got some spiritual backing Sunday as he set out to revitalize state government.

The new governor began his second day in office at 9 a.m. Mass at Albany’s Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, where he was urged to move forward with a sense of “evangelical daring” in his work to fix the broken state government.

“We know they, over the next four years, will be deeply immersed in the work of evangelization by bringing about the transformation of our state and our society,” Bishop Howard Hubbard said in his homily.

Cuomo, who was with his three daughters and live-in girlfriend, Sandra Lee, sat in the front pew as Hubbard described evangelization as the work of addressing not only a community’s spiritual needs, but its social and political ones as well.

Citing the efforts of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., Franklin Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower, Hubbard said people need a sense of vision and a willingness to take risks to transform society and make a stronger community.

“Ultimate victory over forces that are seemingly insurmountable is really possible,” Hubbard said.

The divorced son of former Gov. Mario Cuomo, who was once chastised by Catholic leaders for his support of abortion rights, calmly received Holy Communion. Lee walked in line for Communion with him.

The 53-year-old governor praised Hubbard’s sermon as “inspirational.”

“The talk of transformation, I thought, was relevant,” he said.

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  1. What?


    Cuomo is cohabitating with his girlfriend and receives Communion.

    I give up.

  2. Hmmm – interesting. It made me think of this Gospel.

    We just never know where, how or when God will come calling, when Jesus transforms us – something that happens over and over again, changing the rocks of our hearts into soft, yielding sand.

    And I did not know about this until I read your blog – considering my proximity to the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, there is a bit of irony there!

  3. ron chandonia says:

    The Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church makes it clear that healthy family life is the “vital cell” of any just society, and rightly characterizes cohabitation as one of the greatest contemporary threats to this first and most basic of our social arrangements. If Bishop Hubbard had had the courage or good sense even to mention this tenet of Catholic social teaching in his homily, I wonder if the new governor would have found it so “inspirational.”

  4. What a missed opportunity!

    It’s awesome that the governor was at mass with his kids.

    With the “live in” girlfriend, not so much. Consequently, the highlight on the live in girlfriend and receiving communion (at least without a public announcement that they are no longer living together) leaves behind an unfortunate public scandal.

    Bishop Hubbard should have seen this coming, and had a talk with him beforehand. Maybe they DO now live apart, and he can rightfully receive. That’s between him and God, but the “perception” be it true or false, is that a Catholic public figure with a live in girlfriend rec’d the Eucharist.

    If that is the case, Bishop H needs to make a public comment on it, as the Eucharist gets relegated once again by a public figure.

    Lastly, as much as the public needs to hear it, his own kids need to hear it more.

  5. Can’t help but wonder when was the last time Bishop Hubbard read Matthew 14: 1-12.

  6. Receiving communion while publicly living with his girlfriend. Sheesh! People used to have a sense of integrity. I guess no more.

    I’m glad he found Bp. Hubbard’s homily inspirational. I agree with the suggestion that Bp. Hubbard needs to address the matter of Catholics living in sin receiving Holy Communion, and to do so publicly, since Cuomo has decided to make public his living arrangements and his intent that such will not be an obstacle to his receiving Holy Communion. Those who argue that this is Cuomo’s private business are simply wrong. Cuomo surrendered any right to handling the matter privately when he became a public Catholic publicly acting contrary to the known principles of basic Catholic morality. He has caused public scandal, and the bishop would be an accomplice to such were he to ignore it.

  7. How can anyone be surprised by the collapse of the Catholic Church?

    There is nothing when marriage has lost its meaning. What a
    profound statement this father is making to his own children
    regarding the respect he has for his promises made in public
    before God.

    Who needs an annulment when communion is available while
    you are living with your girlfriend?

    Does any rational human being who once considered themselves
    Catholic, not see how thoroughly corrupted the laity are and wonder
    where our priests come from, but the laity?

    Yet, they are still credible?

    We are getting what we deserve and this will continue until
    the cupboard is bare.

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