"Bella" actor to build largest pro-life clinic in U.S.

And he made the announcement in, of all places, Hollywood.


Mexican producer and actor Eduardo Verastegui has announced that his organization, Mantle of Guadalupe, is planning to build the largest pro-life women’s clinic in the United States.

Verastegui’s announcement came during the first-ever gala held by Mantle of Guadalupe and Catholic Charities of Los Angeles.

The gala took place Jan. 15 at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills and brought together 300 noted guests, including Philip Rivers from the San Diego Chargers, Mexican actor Karyme Lozano, actor Sean Astin from “The Lord of the Rings,” violinist Roddy Chong and motivational speaker Nick Vujicic.

Vujicic also received an award for his courageous testimony in defense of human life.

During the gala, Verastegui, who is the founder of Mantle of Guadalupe, reiterated his commitment to defend life and announced that the organization’s new goal is the construction of “the largest women’s clinic in the United States.”

“I will not use my talents except to elevate my Christian, pro-life and Hispanic values,” Verastegui promised the guests.

At the conclusion of his remarks, the Mexican actor introduced several young Hispanic mothers and their babies who were saved thanks to the work of Mantle of Guadalupe.  They were greeted with a prolonged standing ovation. “These babies are the fruits of Mantle of Guadalupe, they are the result of your generosity.  If only just one of them were here, everything I have done in my life recently since filming ‘Bella’ would have been worth it,” he said.

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  1. go for it! we will support you with our prayers at this side of the world…

  2. kathy mohr says:

    way to go! Thank you for your courage and generosity.

  3. Yes so will I, one our father now in gratitude of God making ur efforts fruit the way it has so far

  4. In gratitude to God for making ur efforts fruit the way it has so far I meant, sorry

  5. Eduardo told us of his plans to build this clinic in August 2009. He travels the world to raise money for it. His motivation came from watching poor immigrant women go into an abortion mill as he prepared to act in his film “Bella”.
    How blessed he is to hear God’s call to turn his life around and respond to it. He attributes the grace he received to his mother’s devotion to the rosary.

  6. michele williams says:

    what strength and courage!! thank you for being such an inspiration and role model to american children that most in hollywood are afraid to portray! you are an amazing example of Christ-like behavior – may all the angels and saints celebrate the Lord in your honor!!

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