I'm back!

Miss me?

Yeah, I didn’t think so.

I spent the last two days in Washington for a meeting of the USCCB’s Communications Committee (where I serve as a consultant).  I managed to arrive before the big fat snowstorm that walloped the Northeast (and that, incredibly, left barely an inch of snow in Washington.)

Blogging will be back up to speed shortly.

Meantime, for your time-wasting pleasure: this great video has been making the rounds and it’s worth a look.  How a toddler spends his day.

YouTube Preview Image


  1. Yes, indeed, I missed you. I must admit that I was concerned that you were ill or that you had some kind of accident in the snowstorm. (That may be part of my Irish Heritage. Some of us are like that.)

    Each morning I go to the Internet and read websites in following in this order:

    1. a close relative’s Blog (early-riser husband)
    2. Chicago Tribune article by another close relative (son)
    3. Marlo Thomas’ Joke of the Day
    4. Deacon’s Bench

    All of this before I read my e-mail.

  2. pagansister says:

    Glad to have you back! The video was enjoyable as my grandson is 9 months old also, and I expect if his day was sped up, it would look like the one above! Busy, Busy, Busy.

  3. Well, actually, yes, I was worried. I check your site twice a day because you are one of the few bloggers who actually post twice a day. It was so unusual that I wondered, ‘who should I contact, or ask about Deacon Greg?’.
    Glad you are back :)

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