Mom with a mission launches her own Catholic publishing company

How many people see a need and actually try to fill it? Meet one woman who is doing just that.

From Catholic News Agency:

Cheryl Dickhow was teaching English and Religion to Catholic junior high students over the course of several years, she began to notice a problem. Although she was able to provide books to her kids that addressed basic Christian values, she had difficulty finding material that was explicitly Catholic and saw the hunger her students had to learn more about the faith.

“I was always searching for books that were Catholic in content and would appeal to that particularly challenging age group,” Dickhow said Jan. 5. “They want and need so much in their books – they want ‘real’ characters and situations but need to see truth and honesty and integrity; they need role models who are worthy of such a position.”

Dickhow, who hold’s a Master’s Degree in Education and lives in Waterfront, Michigan, said that for years she relied on books that reflected “good Christian values,” but that a Catholic book is “a very specific entity.”

“Catholic,” she said, translates into books “that may have a priest or a character receiving communion or it may have reference to the Blessed Mother or the Rosary and so on.”

“To find books that had a storyline that intrigues middle-schoolers and keeps their attention while also being ‘Catholic’ was no easy task.”

In a drastic move – and after much prayer and discernment – Dickhow acknowledged the need her students had for engaging books that addressed Catholicism. In 2007, she took a leap of faith, left her job and founded a publishing company called Bezalel Books.

The name for the company comes from a Hebrew word that means “in the shadow of God.” Bezalel is also the name of a craftsman in the book of Exodus in the Old Testament “to whom God gave great skills so that all that Moses was commanded to make would be done according to God’s will,” she noted.

“Ultimately, the mission and purpose of Bezalel Books is to serve God through the gifts, talents and resources of those authors whose works are under our imprint,” Dickhow said.

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