Randall Terry for President?

The convert to Catholicism, and staunch abortion opponent, is planning to challenge President Obama for the Democratic nomination in 2012.

Details, from the National Journal:

President Obama, members of Congress, and most of the country might be discussing how to bring more civility to the country’s political debate, but at least one presidential candidate has other ideas.

At a press conference on Thursday to discuss a quixotic Democratic primary challenge to Obama, anti-abortion activist Randall Terry employed provocative racial rhetoric and suggested he wants to capitalize on “voter rage.”

The president’s efforts to beef up the country’s social services has turned America into “Obama’s plantation,” said Terry, who held his event outside the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.

“There are a lot of slave laborers, myself included, who would like their freedom back,” he said, describing the president as the object of “voter hatred.”

Terry’s challenge to Obama is a long shot, to say the least. Any primary challenge to Obama has seemed most likely to come from the president’s sometimes discontented left, with speculation focusing on outspoken liberals such as former DNC Chairman Howard Dean or former Sen. Russell Feingold of Wisconsin.

Terry, on the other hand, is set to attack Obama from his extreme-right flank, and he doesn’t plan to pull punches. That’s particularly true over abortion. Terry routinely describes the procedure as the “slaughter”  of babies.

It’s a message he would like to take to the country’s biggest sporting event: Terry said on Thursday that he will begin raising the millions of dollars necessary to run an ad during next year’s Super Bowl condemning the president’s record on abortion. He estimated the spot would cost $2.5 million, money he said he would raise through a combination of small and big donations.

“We will run ads on the Super Bowl,” Terry said. “We will, with God’s help.”

Although his anti-abortion, anti-entitlement platform might seem more in line with the Republican Party, Terry said he’s not seeking the GOP nomination because he doesn’t want to waste time campaigning against candidates like Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee.

“I want to focus on the bad man–Obama,” he said. “He’s the central figure of voter rage.”


  1. *deep sigh*

    I am against abortion and for the dignity and protection of all life at every age and stage.

    That said, I think that Randal Terry is a dangerous man and that his ardency, as least as I experience it via his website, emails and public appearances, is very disturbing to me.

    This Democratic push alone seems to point to his ego making a big show of who he is – more so perhaps than what he is about. Honestly – I think that Obama will have challenges of his own from within his party as well as from outside of it.

    It all seems like showboating, grandstanding. It takes the focus off of candidates who will work for good. The ends never justify the means.

    We can continue what seems to be a nearly fruitless effort to focus on politicians alone, but we might be better advised as people of life to focus on what creates the culture of abortion. And that means diving deep, facing evil all over the place and doing good. That’s hard work, most of us don’t do it.

  2. “We can continue what seems to be a nearly fruitless effort to focus on politicians alone, but we might be better advised as people of life to focus on what creates the culture of abortion. And that means diving deep, facing evil all over the place and doing good. That’s hard work, most of us don’t do it.”

    It’s also expensive work, as it will take a complete overhaul of our healthcare and welfare system to actually make a dent in the number of abortions each year. In my experience it is easier to get pro-life activists to spend money on a political campaign than on increased healthcare services or child support services.

  3. Oh brother! This is going to set the pro life movement back 30 years. Why doesn’t the guy just get out a rosary, or make a few extra Holy Hours?

    *Deep sigh with Fran*

  4. Compare and contrast:

    Eunice Kennedy Shriver, founding member of Democrats for Life and founder of Special Olympics as well as being tireless advocate for a better quality of life for so many people


    Randall Terry, founder of Operation Rescue, whose actions have, to my mind, undermined the pro-life cause and been an embarrassment to the Church.

    I do not know the source of this comment but I read it in an article. A young man who worked with Terry for less than a year is quoted as having said: “I’ve learned how not to do pro-life work”

  5. Fatima Micelli says:

    This will be a fun campaign to watch as the Republican and Democratic establishment who have no sense of God and His Laws oppose Randall Terry. See http://www.terryforpresident.com
    Give ‘em hell Randall!

  6. This campaign is not about Randall Terry. It is about giving the unborn babies being slaughtered in the womb a voice before the people of the United States. America will come face to face with the innocent victims whose murders have been renamed “choice.” I’m glad Randall is willing to risk the ridicule of those who would rather accept the status quo than act as John the Baptist and speak the truth before Herod.

  7. This campaign is not about Randall Terry.

    Sure it is. Everything he does is about himself.

  8. Pffffflllllwwwwugh! I feel like saying SCREW you Mike—who are you to JUDGE??? Everything Randall does is about Randall? oh really? !!! were you in prison with him fighting for the unborn in Atlanta in 88 or trapsing all over the country risking your lifes savings and your family even to answer the call of God and stand up to the demons of Planned Parenthood and give them a run for their money? NO ONE ELSE in my lifetime have I seen sacrifice as much as Randall T. has. He lost everything, everything!! for the sake of the babies and for American freedom for the unborn. Think again dear Mike and watch what you say. Randall is a modern day prophet like Jonah was and he is fighting the beast of modern sickening materialism-where people today kill babies for convenience and then end up depressed, suicidal, addicts and devastated for killing their possible only child. I am enraged that anyone think RANDALL is about himself…he is ALL ABOUT THE BABIES and LIFE AND following Gods will for his life. GEt a life Michael and examine your own actions before judging others for theirs. He is noble and worthy. Amen Randall and don’t be afraid, God is with you and so are we back here in Sioux City & all across Iowa & Nebraska.

  9. As a Pro-Life Democrat i would love for the issue to be debated from the Democratic side rather then assume all pro-lifers are Republican, we are in the democrat pary we. be believe in Jesus, in the scaredness of life, and are proud democratics defenders of the poor and the oppressed. Id love a Pro-Life National Democratic candidate, but single issue candidate simply create a discussion. What else does Terry believe beside pro-life. I would support him need to know what else he stands for

  10. naturgesetz says:

    Obviously, Randall won’t win or come anywhere close. But if he can convince some voters who are pro-life to vote on principle rather than party loyalty, he’ll have done some good.

  11. i m a pro-life democrat and would like to know whatever Randall Terry is for rather then what he is againist.

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