Survivor of Baghdad church massacre killed in robbery

And there is speculation that she may well have been killed because of her religion.

From the Washington Post:

Rafah Toma survived one of the most horrific attacks on Iraq’s tiny Christian community – the siege on a Baghdad church two months ago that left 68 people dead – only to be gunned down in her home Monday by thieves stealing her cash and jewelry.

It was not immediately clear whether Toma’s death was the latest attack to target Iraq’s beleaguered Christians, or instead another of the brutal robberies that have become commonplace for all Iraqis, Muslim and Christian alike.

The priest that found her battered body, Father Mukhlis, serves at the Our Lady of Salvation church where more than 120 people were taken hostage on Oct. 31 after gunmen stormed the building during an evening Mass. He said that Toma, who was in her 50s, was one of the parishioners at Mass that evening.

“It was her fate to not die in the attack on the church but to die by gunmen who killed her to steal her gold and money,” he said. “Christians face a tragedy in this country.”

Mukhlis went to her house after receiving a worried phone call from Toma’s sister saying she hadn’t been able to get in touch with Toma. She urged the priest to check in on Toma, as he does with many of his congregants who are now often scared to leave their homes for fear of attacks.

Mukhlis said he walked into Toma’s house and found her lying on the kitchen floor, blood pooled on the ground from what he thought was a strike to the head. A police officer said she had also been shot.

Photo: A woman lights a candle among pictures of slain Iraqi Christians at Our Lady of Salvation church in Baghdad, Iraq, Friday, Dec. 31, 2010.  From Associated Press.


  1. Christians being killed in muslim lands? I have never heard of such a thing, I am shocked! I wonder if this type of thing has ever happened in Indonesia, Turkey, Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia or Sudan?

  2. Truly, a religion of peace.

  3. pagansister says:

    That’s just wrong on all levels! Survive a horrific ambush with many deaths, only to be killed later by gunfire!

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