"The conversion of the world begins with me…"

This Monday morning, this quote below is my lectio:

“We live in times in which human life is seriously threatened by huge numbers of abortion, by violence, unjust war, and euthanasia. We may, as individuals feel powerless to stop it. But, truth be told, the conversion of this world has to start with us. We cannot simply lament. We must pray and act. The conversion of the whole world begins with me as I learn to be less reactive and violent, less anger-prone, less ridiculing, less bigoted, less fearful. The conversion of the world begins when I ask God for the miracle to help me to deeply love everyone, even the difficult people in my life. The conversion of the whole world begins when I ask God for the miracle to forgive people who have harmed or hurt me. The conversion of the world starts when I begin to more deeply experience the dignity of every person, especially the most vulnerable, the poor and the troubled.

No, I can’t change the world, But I can change myself by God’s grace. And when I get better, others get better too.”

– Msgr. Charles Pope, reflecting on this past weekend.  Read the rest.


  1. Amen! Thanks for this. I have been trying to write about this but have come up with nothing.

    Monsignor Pope, as is almost always the case, says it better than I ever could.

  2. Jared Loughner was surrounded by people who were afraid to object too strongly to his escalating outlandish behavior because in our modern society people who object to the behaviors of the mentally-ill are accused of being bigoted and fearful.

    Making threats is a crime, and multiple people have now told us that they reported Loughner to the authorities for the threats he made. But Loughner never got charged, so he didn’t have a criminal record, so he was allowed quite legally to buy the gun that he used to kill and wound his victims. Funny (not in the “ha-ha” sense), but the sheriff who started the entire “right-wingers caused this with their climate of hate” meme is the person most responsible for Loughner not having a criminal record.

    It looks to me like six people got “converted” to dead precisely because of the authorities deciding to “forgive” the increasingly erratic behaviors of a “difficult person” spiraling into madness. As opposed to taking legal actions that would have at least made it harder for him to get a gun, and harder for him to evade the medical treatment which might have saved him from madness, AND saved 14 people from being shot.

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