The homeless man with the golden voice

This story speaks for itself — literally.  Just watch.

YouTube Preview Image

You can read more about him at this link.

UPDATE:  Turns out there’s a nice epilogue to the story!

  • Klaire

    I say, CBS, save yourself 15 million and get a real voice. Seriously, who could doubt this guy couldn’t read the news better than the overpaid, ” hired elite?”

    I would wager any major evening news station that would hire this guy would get a major ratings hike. People would just tune in; great voice, great story.

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  • Gina

    I have to take your word on faith. There was no sound! :-(

  • Pete

    …or a preacher!

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  • BobRN

    Very uplifting! I’m so happy that he was able to find work and visit his mother.