Worth a thousand words: Christina Green's casket

Hand-made, especially for her, by Trappists in Iowa.

Read the whole story, with details of how it came about, here.  And you can read about Christina’s funeral here.

Eternal rest grant unto her, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon her …


  1. pagansister says:

    As a mother with 2 grown children, I can only try and imagine what Christina’s parents are going through and will probably NEVER get over. Parents are not supposed to outlive their children. Christina’s life was snuffed out for no reason at all, absolutely NO reason. She had a bright future which she will never be able to fulfill.
    The casket was beautiful, but it was needed many, many,many years to early.

  2. For years I have followed the career of her grandfather, Dallas Green, cheering the World Series championship he led the Phillies to in 1980, smiling and nodding when he brashly called out players who acted like the game owed them rather then the other way around. In recent years it would be a wave and a thumbs up when I passed him in Florida during a spring training game.

    Yet since Sunday morning I have been hunted by his poignant and simple words.

    “Somehow, we will get through this,” … “but right now our little 9-year-old granddaughter is not here and we’re having a hard time with that.”

  3. These caskets are indeed beautiful. My family has used them in the past for our deceased family members. I have requested that my family do the same in my own funeral plans.

  4. Pagansister, without question Christiana’s early death was a horrific tragedy, one that no parent (or grandparent), should ever have to experience in life

    That said, rest assured that God had to “allow” it, consequently, somewhere, somehow, it will fit into his Divine Plan.

    My first thought was that Christiana was like a metaphor of innocence (and consequences), among a county that for the most part, has lost its way. The shooter appears to have been a mentally unstable nutcase, but the real story, is how we as a country responded. For those seeking a political agenda/power, the life of a innocent 9 year old didn’t much matter, only that it was a crisis too good not to exploit for personal gain.

    Maybe the whole purpose of her life, bookended between 9-11, and the Tuscon shootings, was simply that, an innocent life debased among evil, as are all the unborn who are killed for convenience. Interestingly, the biggest political target was/is the mother who chose life for her Down Syndrome baby, an act that many in this country can never accept.

  5. Klaire, Ms Palin’s choice for her son is undeniably praiseworthy in contemporary times however, I don’t believe that choice gives her a ‘by’ on the questionable statements she has made and continues to make on a seemingly daily basis.

    Her choice is accepted and has been praised by many but her insistence on keeping herself in every controversy in the news these days is really ringing hollow with so many of us.

    May God bless Christina’s family and give them the strength and grace to handle what are bound to be difficult days ahead as the ‘busyness’ of all that has happened dies down. May He also give us the grace to conduct ourselves with compassion and understanding and open-mindedness.

  6. pagansister says:

    Klaire, WHO gained politically from Christina’s death?? You’re saying that politicians really didn’t care that she died, only that they were glad to use it to get their faces out there? I totally disagree with you.
    As for Palin? Her decision to have her last child has nothing to do with the death of 9 year old Christina. You seem to think that politicians have used Christina’s death to their advantage. Palin had that little boy in the public eye as often as she could while she was (unfortunately) the candidate for VP of this country. She used him to try and gain politically. Yes, he was an infant, and she needed him with her—-but not on stage with her at rallys. She paraded her pregnant daughter (no abortion here) her daughter’s not soon to be husband (saying they will marry) and her baby son as often as she could. She really just needs to sit in her back yard and watch Russia.
    An last but not least, I have a problem with God “allowing” the death of an innocent 9 year old.

  7. This past week two funeral masses were held at the Catholic Church of St. Odilia, (Christina-Taylor Green and Judge John M. Roll) and today Christiane Amanpour on ABC’s this week held a town hall of the Tucson community at the parish so I took myself to the parish website. Here is the Home Page:

    Welcome to Saint Odilia Catholic Community

    We welcome each other with open arms.
    We accept and celebrate our diversity.
    We listen to each other with open minds.
    We share with each other
    our common faith.
    We love each other with open hearts.
    We recognize and respond to the Lord’s
    call to discipleship and mission.
    We provide a safe environment for
    all of our Faith Community.

    I have visited only a couple of parish websites, but I have never seen these words on the few that I have seen: “We provide a safe environment for all of our Faith Community.”


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