Smile. You're beautiful!

Smile. You're beautiful! September 20, 2011

A little girl in Brazil underwent cleft lip surgery.  What happened when she saw her face the morning after?  Just watch.

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16 responses to “Smile. You're beautiful!”

  1. I’m glad you posted this from Operation Smile–they solicited me recently and I hadn’t heard of them (I’d given to Smile Train). Now I’ll go write that check….

  2. Praise the Lord for the wonders of medical science, and the huge hearts of those who practice it with beautiful little people like this 🙂

    God bless.

  3. Hi Deacon Greg and all: About four weeks ago, we aired an interview on our Catholic Vitamins Podcast. It featured a wonderful nurse (Jeanne Kehl) who volunteers with/for Operation Smile. We learned a lot about this ministry of love and hope. Jeanne is looking to volunteer again with Operation Smile or any other such organization that goes to under developed areas and serves the medical needs of the poorest of the poor.

    Blessings Greg. I hope you will come back on Catholic Vitamins as a guest again. deacon tom

  4. What a precious little child. I don’t usually look at this blog, but, did today. I will be 72 yrs old on the 28th of Sep. As a birthday present to me I just wrote a check and am sending enough to sponsor a surgery for another child. Thanks for putting that video on your blog.

  5. One of my long time charities. It is good to see that girls smile. I wonder how many operations like this could be funded with a single boob job so prevelent in our country today. I bet we could probably afford to provide this to all with what is spent on botox in the USA.

    This is the right way to pay for things as this type of short video opens check books as Jerry Lewis learned long ago and as every Childrens Hospital has also learned long ago.

    Great post Deacon.

  6. I’m so selfish always thinking of what i want to buy next…all this little girl wants is to smile….i can hardly stop the tears from flowing.

  7. “Whatever you do to the least of my brethern , you do it to me.” The look of amazement on that precious little girls face was enough to light up any dark day! God bless those truly selfless doctors, dentists, and nurses who volunteer to do these life changing surgeries. They changed this little girl’s future from one of shame and taunting ridicule to that of a normal child.
    May this video help to open the hearts and wallets of many and enable this ministry of smiles to multiply!

  8. It’s the Divine Mercy that helps us find children or adults like this that need help, because I talk with Him every day.

  9. She is indeed beautiful—and IMO was also before the surgery as evidenced by her happy face when waving at the camera in the beginning of the video. She will now be as beautiful outside as she appeared to be inside. Thanks for that bit of beauty.

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