Hard time: convict flees monastery, asks to be sent back to prison instead

Well, clearly, religious life isn’t for everybody:

A convicted criminal who was serving out his sentence in a monastery has escaped for the second time and asked to be sent back to prison because life was too tough.

Thief David Catalano, 31, was sent to a Santa Maria degli Angeli community run by Capuchin monks in Sicily last November.

But he found their austere lifetstyle too tough to handle and soon escaped. After a short while on the run he was caught by police and sent back.

On Monday he fled for the second time in six weeks, only to swiftly turn himself in at a police station and beg officers to send him back to jail in the nearby town of Nicosia.

He told the stunned policemen: ‘Prison is better than being at that hostel run by monks.’

A police spokesman said: ‘Catalano arrived out of the blue and said there was no way he could stay on with the monks.

He said it was too tough and he wanted to go back to prison, so we happily obliged and he is now back behind bars serving the rest of his sentence.

‘Life with the monks can be pretty tough – there are no mod cons and they are up early and go to bed early. There are no luxuries at the hostel and the monks run a very austere regime.’

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7 responses to “Hard time: convict flees monastery, asks to be sent back to prison instead”

  1. I would rather be with the Capuchins than a prison.

    I suspect the guy is not Catholic and does not understand the commitment.
    Personally I am surprised he was sent there. What brought on such a decision and why would the monks accept him?

  2. Since more states are farming out their prisons, maybe this could be a new funding program for these orders and it might cut down on the recidivism rates in our prisons. The liberals constantly bashing for ever more benefits to the prisoners would find it harder to bash treatment of a monestary.

  3. He was in the shelter at the monastery, presumably to perform volunteer work in exchange for not going to prison.

  4. Mark

    This whole scene took place in SICILY — not in the United States at all. I’d have to wonder if given the choice here in the US, a convict might not just want to stay in a monastery.

  5. I realize it was not US. It was a joke. As to your comment that a US convict might want to serve their time in a monestary, I think it would be a good thing for some non violent to serve their time in one over the prison.

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