News from the boiler room

Think it’s easy shoveling out all this blog stuff every day?  Ha!

My Boss, Elizabeth Scalia (or the Artist Otherwise Known As The Anchoress) is taking a well-deserved blogging break this week.   She’s stepped away from the boiler, and put aside her shovel, and enlisted some able-bodied replacements to continue keeping the engine humming.

Further proof that she’s indispensable: she’s drafted three people to do the work normally done by one.  (Can you say “Blessed Trinity”?)

And it’s a team of All Stars:

  • Fr. Dwight Longenecker —  Author, blogger, speaker, convert, priest, husband, father.  Well.  You know me: I have a soft spot for married clergy.
  • Kathy Schiffer — Is there anything better than the wife of a deacon?  How about the wife of a deacon who is also a terrific writer and blogger?  I bow before her awesomeness.
  • Elizabeth Duffy — She’s not married clergy, or the wife of a deacon, but she’s a wizard with words, a convert, and she’s got a great smile.  Who can resist that?

Drop by the Anchoress’s usual perch and say hello.

Meantime, full steam ahead!   (And let’s keep an eye out for icebergs…)

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