So I’m sure you’ve been asking yourself, “I wonder what Tom Hanks is doing now?”

Not what you might think. He’s the star of a new music video by Carly Rae Jepsen, who made a splash some time back with “Call Me Maybe.” This is almost as infectious. It reminds me a little of the Paul Simon/Chevy Chase video for “Call Me Al.”  Enjoy. [Read more...]

Stephen Colbert talks saints, Lent, scripture—and he dances

This is something else: a side of the late night star many haven’t seen before. He stopped by the offices of America magazine to chat with Fr. James Martin. Check this out. You will smile. Photo via Wikipedia [Read more...]

What does it take to be a good shepherd?

Meet a man who knows. A fascinating and informative video on the profession—and on so much more—from the gifted Robert Duncan at CNS. Share this with a priest or seminarian you know.  (He may even find rich source material here for a homily on Good Shepherd Sunday…) Image via Wikipedia  [Read more...]

VIDEO: Cardinal Burke discusses his new role

Check this out, from the good people at CNS: a new video wherein Cardinal Raymond Burke discusses his work with the Knights of Malta, the Synod, and various writing projects he’s undertaking. Photo via Wikipedia  [Read more...]

Well, look who popped up on EWTN last night

It’s sweeps. CBS has a special on the Sports Illustrated swimsuit models. ABC has the Oscars. EWTN has this. [Read more...]

Homeless line up for haircuts, showers at Vatican: “It’s a beautiful thing he has done for us”

From AP:  Homeless people are lining up outside the public restrooms off St Peter’s Square to take advantage of Pope Francis’ new charitable initiative: a free shave and shower for the least fortunate. The Vatican’s barber shop for the homeless opened on Monday and 49-year-old Mauro Casubolo was one of the first clients. His chin [Read More...]

If you want to know whether young Catholics are pro-life, look at this

It’s the Pro-life Youth Rally and Mass in Washington, DC. From the archdiocesan website:  The Rally strives to encourage the youth participating in the national March for Life in their witness as disciples of Christ and promoters of the Gospel of Life.  It is the largest annual archdiocesan event, which in many ways has grown to [Read More...]

This never happens at my local Trader Joe’s

I wish it would. This was staged in London a couple years ago. For some reason, it slipped by my Flash Mob radar. Enjoy! [Read more...]

Is this the best commercial of the 2015 Super Bowl?

I don’t know what could top this.  Truly. [Read more...]

Hail Mary Pass? Nuns rent out rooms at Phoenix monastery for Super Bowl, raise money for charity

From The Arizona Republic and azCentral:   You could say, it’s a different kind of Super Bowl experience. “I’ve never been in a convent or ministry where there haven’t been football fans,” said Sister Linda Campbell from the Our Lady of Guadalupe Monastery in West Phoenix. The 66 year old nun is a self-proclaimed die hard Arizona [Read More...]