The godless, lame-stream media strikes again

From the Facebook page of Channel 11 in Atlanta. While shooting a story at a local diner, the team decided to do something that undoubtedly will leave some people shocked. Post by 11Alive.   [Read more...]

Awesome: “Riverdance” wedding celebration

Forget dancing to “Thriller” at a wedding. This instantly blows that idea out of the water. Details:  Another reason Irish weddings are the best? There’s always the off chance some “Riverdance” pros might be on the guest list! That’s exactly what happened last week when pro-dancers Michael O’Meara and Nikki Mac Loone tied the knot. Because [Read More...]

Martyrs read tweets by Joel Osteen

This is inspired, from our Lutheran siblings. (H/T Deacon Sean Keller). Yes, evidently he really did tweet these things.  (His Twitter feed is here.) [Read more...]

Must-see video: Raymond Arroyo and Elaine Stritch on nuns and show business and so much more

This is something to see. The late, great Broadway legend who died earlier this month spoke to the EWTN host about her youth, her career, and the cardinal who was her uncle. It’s amazing Arroyo made it out alive. [Read more...]

Priest who dances the flamenco draws crowds to parish in Spain

I thought I’d seen everything. But no. Details:  It’s a lot more fun than going to Confession. A Roman Catholic priest in southern Spain has parishioners banging down his church doors, all so they can praise God and dance the flamenco. Jose Planas Moreno, or Father Pepe, as he is known, brings flocks of congregants [Read More...]

Throw away your canes and dance!

This is how we should live. This video popped up Facebook over the weekend. Posted by Edgard Eleuterio Daza, it’s titled  Eternamente Joven, which means “Forever young.” Enjoy. I dare you not to smile. [Read more...]

VIDEO: Pay a visit to “the world’s friendliest restaurant”

A reader sent this my way this morning. Grab a Kleenex and watch. Want to learn more? Read about Tim at his restaurant website. God love him. [Read more...]

VIDEO: What happens when two chimps go to see “Planet of the Apes”?

Pretty much what you’d expect. Details:  Two chimpanzees from the Myrtle Beach Safari went to the opening night of Dawn of the Planet of Apes Friday, and hopefully, this won’t be a case of “monkey see, monkey do.” Vali and Sugriva, both two-year-old chimps from the T.I.G.E.R.S. Preserve, went to the opening night of the [Read More...]

A truly great idea that will make your day

It made mine. Check out this video about a language exchange program that is connecting the world in a wonderful new way. [Read more...]

If you love baseball—or even if you don’t—this is something to see

Major League Baseball is marking the 75th anniversary of Lou Gehrig’s famous farewell speech (coming up on the 4th of July) with the video below—the first basemen of all 30 MLB teams, reciting lines from one of the most famous speeches of the last century. [Read more...]