Caught on tape: riot police clash with anti-pope protesters in Madrid

Details, from AFP: Spanish riot police clashed for a second night with protesters as Pope Benedict XVI’s lavish visit inspired a rapturous reception from pilgrims but deep resentment over the costs. Anti-riot police late Thursday swung batons to disperse about 150 protesters, seething over the scale of the party, who had gathered in the central [Read More...]

The train's the thing: Shakespeare on the subway?

Ah, New York!  A performance that’s really Standing Room Only.  Especially during rush hour. Find out all about it here. And catch a scene, below. [Read more...]

Welcome home, Dad!

Emmitt was happy to see his military dad after nine long months apart.  Separation is rrrrrruff.   h/t WelcomeHomeBlog [Read more...]

Who's behind all those cat videos on YouTube?

Now it can be told. [Read more...]

Don't try this at home

Behold, the Guinness World Record Holder for … parking. This is parallel parking that is unparalleled.  And, frankly, terrifying. [Read more...]

Bon appetite: fried butter on a stick.

The latest sensation in state fair food… Yummy. Would you like a coronary with that, on the side? [Read more...]

Your Monday morning kick-start

A day in the life of California.  Hope your day is like this! The creator, Ryan Killackey, notes: “I worked on this project on and off for over a year and a half. It is composed of over 10,000 photos shot in California by my wife and me.” Tools: Canon Rebel XS, 50mm (nifty), 18-55mm [Read More...]

Here's something you don't see every day: color footage of "I Love Lucy"

Today would have marked Lucille Ball’s 100th birthday, so here’s something altogether different, shot by an audience member on October 12, 1951, and interspersed with final footage from the actual episode. The YouTube clip notes: The episode filmed that night was 6th Episode of the First Season, “The Audition”.(It was a remake of “I Love [Read More...]

Your morning kick-start

Padre Steve Leake, of the fine Da Mihi Animas blog, alerted me to some wonderful work being done by the young men in his Salesian formation program: a media ministry that’s spreading the Good News through modern media like YouTube. These guys have their very own Facebook page and have already produced some snazzy videos. [Read More...]

"This was grace"

Feeling sorry for yourself?  Annoyed at your kids?  Angry at your boss? This will change everything.  Take four minutes and be moved beyond words. This puts it all in perspective.  Beautifully.  Painfully. (H/T to Gerard Nadal, who posted this on his FB page.) [Read more...]