What if we acted in real life the way we do on Facebook?

The result might look like this amusing video below, created to promote a new opera in London about online relationships. [Read more...]

They had me at Abe Vigoda

Below, the full version of the sweetly ridiculous, utterly delightful “flash mob” that was staged for Meredith Vieira’s last morning on TODAY.  The song: the omnipresent “Don’t Stop Believin’” [Read more...]

The astonishing story of a woman who forgave her son's killer

But that’s just the beginning. When I saw this on “The CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley” the other night, it floored me. Want to see the power of forgiveness?  Here. [Read more...]

Flashback: the world's first Ronald McDonald commercial

Eons ago, when the family television was a grainy box with three stations and rabbit ears, my mother made me put on a blazer and tie and took me down to the local NBC-TV studios in Washington, DC to appear, with about a dozen other kids, as an extra on an obscure and short-lived TV [Read More...]

Stunning: "Korea's Susan Boyle"

This guy showed up on “Korea’s Got Talent” — yes, there really is such a thing — and just blew people away.  It’s not just his singing.  It’s also his story. Watch Sung-bong Choi, and be amazed and moved. Footnote: I’m told that the music he is performing was featured in Roland Joffe’s great movie [Read More...]

When Darth Vader went to Disneyland

Not long ago, I posted an item about my experience riding the new and improved “Star Tours” at Disney World. On the west coast, someone else was eager to try it at Disneyland.  Watch what happened. It’s a hoot. [Read more...]

On deacons: "You will perform minor miracles"

Those are the words of my own Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio at the ordination of 27 new deacons last weekend for the Diocese of Brooklyn. I wrote about the event here. Now a video report is up, courtesy of “Currents.” Check it out. And the diocesan newspaper, The Tablet, has a write up and slideshow. [Read more...]

Nice hats! — UPDATED

The TODAY Show is continuing its extensive coverage of Vatican stuff — and Matt Lauer had a chat this morning with Archbishop Timothy Dolan. Check out more of the coverage and a number of intriguing videos right here. UPDATE: Turns out the inspiration for this week’s trip was none other than the late, great Tim [Read More...]

Who was Thomas Merton?

Good question.  And one that James Martin and the good people at Loyola Productions answer in this newly released (online, anyway) segment from the video “Who Cares About the Saints?”  Longtime readers know I’m a big Merton fan.  Take a look.  (And, maybe it’s just me, but I can’t help but think Merton bears an [Read More...]

Best version of "American Pie." Ever. Really. You gotta see this.

In a fit of incredible civic pride, the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan got 5,000 residents to record this amazing video — a “lip dub” that itself has been dubbed “The Greatest Music Video Ever Made.” I don’t know about that, but it’s a big 9-minute-long grin.  And it may go down in video history [Read More...]