RIP, Sidney Lumet

The brilliant director (and son-in-law of Lena Horn!) has died.  Read more here. And see a sizzling snippet of his work below:  the trailer for the prophetic “Network,” written by the incomparable Paddy Chayefsky. [Read more...]

In your face: pie-thrower attacks bishop

Who would even want to be a bishop these days? First, there’s the mess in New Hampshire.  And now this bit of juvenile street theater, in Belgium.  Blogger Thomas Peters has details. And below, the video. [Read more...]

Ain't God great?

I mean, He made people able to conceive of something like this incredible video below. Who couldn’t love a Guy like that, huh? H/T Aggie Catholics. [Read more...]

How would the Exodus be handled today?

Hot on the heels of last Christmas’s internet sensation comes this inspired sequel (prequel?) about Moses and the Exodus. Enjoy. [Read more...]

Happy Birthday, Christopher Walken

A friend pointed out on his Facebook page that today is the esteemed actor’s birthday.  I think that’s worth a little dance, don’t you, Chris? Face it: this is great stuff.  Truly.  Awesome.  Video.  If you polled people to name the top five music videos of all time, this would have to be on nearly [Read More...]

"Jesus Met A Woman at the Well…"

In tune with today’s gospel, Peter, Paul and Mary perform a classic folk spiritual (evidently from a televised performance in Japan…) [Read more...]

Bone appetite

Table for two? Behold, a couple of chow hounds. [Read more...]

A Lenten reminder: have you been to confession lately?

If not, this might help. [Read more...]

A Lenten lectio: "Serenity now!"

I know the feeling. A classic bit from “Seinfeld”: [Read more...]

The brilliance of Steve Martin: "Atheists don't have no songs"

We loved him with “King Tut,” and he’s gone and done it again, with this inspired Bluegrass tune, accompanied by the Steep Canyon Rangers.    (In a related vein, Heather King ruminates on the idea that “atheists have no story…”) [Read more...]