Want a good cry?

This should do it.  Girl gets big surprise at college graduation: her Marine brother, whom she thought was in Afghanistan. [Read more...]

"Come and kneel before him now"

For your Corpus Christi meditation: a remarkable Eucharistic flash mob in Great Britain.  Read all about it here. [Read more...]

Rube Goldberg + dogs = one awesome commercial

For a new self-parking car from Ford: [Read more...]

Should evolution be taught in schools?

Hey, let’s ask some experts: the Miss USA contestants! [Read more...]

Stephen Colbert: "Service is love made visible"

That’s just part of his very fine (and surprisingly Catholic) commencement speech at his alma mater, Northwestern University. Check it out below.  H/T U.S Catholic. They point out that he gets to the heart of the matter around the 16:00 mark. [Read more...]

RIP, Clarence Clemons

Let’s face it: we could all use a little dose of awesomeness right about now. Here, then, the awesome Clarence Clemons, with that guy from New Jersey, nearly 30 years ago — all sweetness and youth and rowdy, unstoppable, laugh-out-loud joy.  Crank up the speakers and travel back in time.  Because tramps like us, baby, [Read More...]

What do people live for?

Watch this great commercial and try, just try, not to dissolve into a puddle of tears.  It’s GREAT!  H/T The A. [Read more...]

The best argument yet for cloning

This cat, Fredde Gredde, is new to me, but evidently he’s been floating around the Internets for while, crafting these ingenious videos.  (He got a lot of buzz last year, evidently, for his inspired medley of TV Theme Songs.) Take a look at what a little green screen ingenuity can do in his latest opus, [Read More...]

Making a little history: meet the world's shortest man

The folks who keep track of these things set out to measure him recently.  Check out the video below.  I have to say, there’s something endearing and sweet about his smile.  This is a guy who doesn’t seem perturbed by the challenge God has given him. Details: Weighing 11 pounds and standing just under 2 [Read More...]

What if we acted in real life the way we do on Facebook?

The result might look like this amusing video below, created to promote a new opera in London about online relationships. [Read more...]