Brilliant: the Royal Wedding we'd all love to see

Spot on, as usual, from the geniuses at T-Mobile (the company that almost single-handedly added the phrase “flash mob” to our vocabulary). Check out this inspired take that manages to satirize YouTube, the Windsors and our infatuation with all things royal, all at once. [Read more...]

"Gethsemane" — and a 63-year-old Ted Neeley

Yesterday, I posted this clip of “Hosanna” from the 1973 movie version of “Jesus Christ Superstar.”  If that had you feeling nostalgic, you have to check out  the clip below: the star of that movie, Ted Neeley, performing the heart-rending “Gethsemane” over 30 years later, in a “Farewell Tour” of the stage musical.  When I [Read More...]

"The favorite trick of the enemy of the Church is to divide us against ourselves…"

A terrific talk — and a very timely one, I think — from one of my favorite preachers, Fr. Robert Barron.  (Hey, when are they gonna make him a monsignor — or better, yet, a bishop?) His message: God’s grace is everywhere, even among those we might not expect. [Read more...]


Here’s a  blast from the past — nearly 40 years ago, incredibly. It’s a little Palm Sunday cinema, from Norman Jewison’s “Jesus Christ Superstar” in 1973.  (For an altogether different interp, check out this clip of the same number from a revival done in London and on Broadway a few years ago.  The original was [Read More...]

It's written all over her face

Here’s one stunning entry in the iConfess video contest — it says it all, brilliantly.  It was produced by students at the John Paul the Great Catholic University in San Diego.  Check out other entries at this link. [Read more...]

Charlie Sheen's father on the meaning of life — UPDATED

Martin Sheen talks with Irish interviewer Gay Byrne about life, faith, conversion — and Charlie. You can watch the entire conversation right here.  An excerpt, below. UPDATE: LifeSiteNews has picked up this significant excerpt: Byrne asked Sheen: “The liberal causes that you espouse are readily identifiable with people in the movie business, but your anti-abortion [Read More...]

Cat + dolphin = adorable

Brace yourselves.  This is guaranteed to make you go “Awwwww….” [Read more...]

April in New York

I went for a walk during lunch and stumbled on the scene below, just two blocks from my office.  (Incredibly, I took the shot with my cell phone.) Across the East River, on Roosevelt Island, there were no signs of either King Kong or the Green Goblin (despite what you might see in the movies.) [Read More...]

RIP, Sidney Lumet

The brilliant director (and son-in-law of Lena Horn!) has died.  Read more here. And see a sizzling snippet of his work below:  the trailer for the prophetic “Network,” written by the incomparable Paddy Chayefsky. [Read more...]

In your face: pie-thrower attacks bishop

Who would even want to be a bishop these days? First, there’s the mess in New Hampshire.  And now this bit of juvenile street theater, in Belgium.  Blogger Thomas Peters has details. And below, the video. [Read more...]