Opera singer gives weather update

Small world: those who are familiar with the sensational Christmas concert at my parish also know John Easterlin, the superb tenor who annually spreads “10,000 Joys.” Right now, he’s appearing in Indianapolis and was invited to sing about the weather on a local station. Take it away, John. [Read more...]

Must-see video: Down syndrome children from around the world tell an expectant mom what to expect

This is just beautiful—and proudly, wondrously pro-life. [Read more...]

Do you hear the people sing: “We are all Ukrainians now”

A Ukrainian priest sent this to me: the national anthem of Ukraine, translated into English, sung by ordinary Ukrainians. Prepare to be moved. [Read more...]

You’ve probably never been on a tour of a Catholic school quite like this

A reader sent this my way: a video tour for Our Lady of Perpetual Help School in Glenview, Illinois. In a word: Wow. I’ll say this: the explosion of lip dub videos across the internet has been a real boon to steadicam operators—and it’s raised the bar for anyone who wants to produce a little [Read More...]

This is why college theater majors should never marry each other

Because it leads to things like this: lip-sync performances from “Frozen” on family trips. Dude, keep your EYES ON THE ROAD! [Read more...]

VIDEO: Pope blesses woman over the phone

So says this video from Rome Reports, which notes: During the audience with the members of the Italian Federation for Spiritual Exercises, Pope Francis got a unique request. A priest approached him with cell phone in hand, and asked him to bless the 25-year-old woman on the other end of the line. Pope Francis did not hesitate one second and quickly [Read More...]

“Trust is your relationship to the unknown”

This is pretty remarkable: a visual representation of an idea I was trying to get across in my homily for this weekend. It uses two performers from Cirque du Soleil to illustrate the notion of trust. And if you are wondering: yeah I look just like that guy. Sure. Uh huh. [Read more...]

If this doesn’t make you want to get to Confession, nothing will

This has been making the rounds for a while. But I think it’s worth revisiting now, just several days before the start of Lent. It’s a video compilation of people who almost met their Maker—but survived to live another day. It reminds us how close any of us might be to the end of our [Read More...]

“You’re gonna talk about tonight for a long time”

Those words kick off this extraordinary video that is rapidly working its way around the world: Anglican Bishop Tony Palmer, addressing a group of evangelicals, and introducing a brief video, shot on his iPhone, featuring his old friend, Pope Francis. This is, in a word, stunning. It’s 45 minutes long, but take time to watch [Read More...]

What will the Church of Pope Francis look like?

Here’s a glimpse. Nicaragua’s Archbishop Leopoldo Brenes departing for Rome, where he will become a cardinal this weekend. Take a deep breath. You just might smell the sheep. [Read more...]