Word made flesh: the remarkable Christmas mass of Fr. Prus

A reader sent this my way in the comments, adding that she wanted to show… the wonderful way one priest in the Archdiocese of Detroit celebrates the Christmas Mass starting with a real baby in the manger. The manger is then used as an altar. Brought my camera this year because so many not in [Read More...]

Having BlackBerry trouble?

No problem!  Just watch. [Read more...]

"Today is where your book begins — the rest is still unwritten…"

I’ll be preaching about this song in my homily for Sunday. I think it’s a great way to kick-start the new year, with a message of new beginnings and resilient hope. Enjoy.  Happy New Year — happy new you! [Read more...]

"Same Old Lange Syne…"

And now, we pause for a wee bit of schmaltz. I always liked Dan Fogelberg, and this remains arguably his best-known and most-remembered work.  (A personal favorite remains “Longer Than,” which was Our Dance for our wedding reception nearly 25 years ago.  But I digress.) Happy New Year, y’all. [Read more...]

Ladies and gentlemen: pants! They're amazing!

Just what the world has been waiting for! H/T The Concord Pastor [Read more...]

Watch this with your kids. Now.

It just might save a life. AT & T has released this powerful video about texting and driving.  It’s one every person who gets behind a wheel needs to see — especially young people.  Take 10 minutes and make a difference. [Read more...]

Bing & Bowie: the story behind "The Little Drummer Boy" duet

I remember seeing this when I was a freshman in college, when it first aired, and thinking: “This is so COOL.”  Well, some people now consider it camp.  But I still think it’s cool — and a classic. The other night, ABC News did a very good report about how this now-famous duet came together.  [Read More...]

The greatest toy story ever told: Mr. Bean goes to Bethlehem

Anyone who’s ever played with a small nativity scene — come on, admit it, you’ve done it — will appreciate this priceless piece of performance art by the inimitable Mr. Bean. [Read more...]

"Oh, the weather outside is frightful…"

Man, this brings me back to my youth, and the Christmas records that my father used to play on our big wooden HiFi in the living room.    (Anyone remember the Firestone Christmas albums?  I imagine for countless Americans, THAT was the sound of Christmas in the ’60s.)  Our  house would be filled with the [Read More...]

Redefine Christmas: a unique flash mob with a message

No “Hallelujah” chorus here, but a surprisingly moving message, designed to remind shoppers what Christmas is really about. Check out what happened last month at a mall in Connecticut, courtesy RedefineChristmas.com. [Read more...]