Awesome: turning a homeless shelter into a 5-star restaurant for one night

Just watch. This one is a keeper:  A professional prankster decided to give back on April Fools’ Day. Greg Benson teamed up with a restaurant crew to turn a homeless shelter into a five-star restaurant for the day. He and staff dressed up the dining area and served everyone a three-course meal that included filet [Read More...]

Groundbreaking news in the world of choral music

From Kings College Choir in the UK. [Read more...]

What? No elephants in the aisle?

Here’s something nifty:  Passengers on a flight from Brisbane to Sydney on Monday were treated to an impromptu performance of “Circle of Life” by the Australian cast of “The Lion King.” Surprised travelers were greeted with song as they boarded Virgin Australia Flight 970. The cast was in Brisbane for an announcement that the Broadway production will open in [Read More...]

Best. Brother. Ever.

Well, at least the best video of a brother going to visit his sister—ever. Watch how a guy in Guatemala decided to surprise his sister back home in France for her birthday. You will smile. You will laugh. You may even cry.  It’s sweet. Take a look. [Read more...]

Adorable: Pope meets grandchildren of President of Malta

And he receives a special gift from one of them: a toy dinosaur. Watch below. [Read more...]

First look: Salt + Light’s documentary “The Francis Effect”

This looks excellent, coming up in April on Salt + Light. (And I’m not just saying that because one of the people featured prominently is my boss, CNEWA‘s Msgr. John Kozar.) You can read more about it here.  [Read more...]

Westboro Baptist Church stages a protest—and finds something they didn’t expect

It happened in Kansas City, where counter-protesters held signs expressing condolences at the death of the church’s founder: Members of the Westboro Baptist Church continued their protests without their longtime pastor Fred Phelps outside the Midland Theatre in Downtown Kansas City. More than 20 protesters protested pop star’s Lorde concert, however it was another message [Read More...]

Everybody cut footloose: Kevin Bacon’s epic entrance on The Tonight Show

Those of us of a certain age (cough) can’t help but love this. Jimmy Fallon announces that dancing has been banned on The Tonight Show. And Kevin Bacon rebels—as only he can. [Read more...]

There he goes again: pope asks today “Who am I to judge?”

He used that now-famous (or infamous) phrase during his homily this morning: In his homily at Holy Mass on Monday, 17 March, Pope Francis preached on mercy. Commenting on the day’s readings from the Prophet Daniel (9:4-10) and the Gospel of Luke (6:36-38), the Pope explained that “Jesus’ invitation to mercy is intended to draw [Read More...]

Opera singer gives weather update

Small world: those who are familiar with the sensational Christmas concert at my parish also know John Easterlin, the superb tenor who annually spreads “10,000 Joys.” Right now, he’s appearing in Indianapolis and was invited to sing about the weather on a local station. Take it away, John. [Read more...]