What will the Church of Pope Francis look like?

Here’s a glimpse. Nicaragua’s Archbishop Leopoldo Brenes departing for Rome, where he will become a cardinal this weekend. Take a deep breath. You just might smell the sheep. [Read more...]

Wow: an Africanized “Let It Go” performed with children’s choir

This rendition of the award-winning song from “Frozen” is pretty fantastic—and not just because the kids in the choir all look like little deacons :-). Check it out. It’s Lexi Walker with the One Voice Children’s Choir, and they’re just great.  For my money, this is the version they should perform on the Oscars. [Read more...]

Ready for summer? Here.

A favorite moment from my favorite movie this winter. If you don’t want to, um, “let go” of winter just yet, you can also enjoy this. [Read more...]

We are so much more than what we seem

A shorter version of this clip has been making the rounds on social media: it’s an ad for a lingerie company in Asia with a beautiful and unexpected pro-life message. But you really should see the two other films that are part of this campaign. They are stunners, and convey again and again the theme [Read More...]

Want to understand the Mass? There’s an app for that.

Miami is promoting an app that helps everyone to understand the Mass better: Called “Mass Explained,” it was created by a local Catholic, Dan Gonzalez, who made it completely interactive, with pictures, sounds and links to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, church documents and much more. Want to hear the Jewish blessing that precedes the [Read More...]

Most surprising wedding entrance. Ever.

I’ve never seen anything quite like this—and all I could think of while watching it was “How did she not dissolve into a puddle while marching down the aisle?” Just in time for Valentine’s Day…Here comes the bride. Singing. To her groom.  Watch. H/T to Fr. Austin Fleming, who posted this on FB. [Read more...]

While the world is watching Sochi, look at what’s happened to Sarajevo

Thirty years ago, it was home to the winter Olympics. But look at what’s happened since. [Read more...]

Baring their souls—and more: Congregation worships in the nude

This is one reason, among many, why I thank God for albs. Details:  Even in February, when temperatures can average in the 20s, members show up in various forms: some fully clothed, others topless, many still completely nude. Pastor Allen Parker says it’s not about the clothes, or lack thereof. He says it’s about baring [Read More...]

Meet Britain’s biggest dog. And imagine what it was like housebreaking him.

He stands over seven feet tall and might grow even more — possibly becoming the biggest dog in the world. [Read more...]

Classic: stars sing “So long, farewell” to Jay Leno

An inspired send-off from last night’s “Tonight” show. While it won’t rival Carson’s finale, it had its moments. And: for those who missed it, I flipped over to CBS as Leno’s credits were rolling and caught Letterman saying, as his show ended, “Goodnight, Jay!” Celebs Sing Farewell To Jay – Leno's Final Show… by IdolxMuzic [Read more...]