Now THAT’s Christmas caroling!

Get a load of what happened when those clever people at Improv Everywhere went caroling in New Jersey. “Epic” doesn’t quite do this justice. I wonder what the neighbors thought…? And you can read about how it all came together right here.  [Read more...]

“I Am the Very Model of a Biblical Philologist”

Well, I’m not. But I know some of you out there will love this: an inspired re-interpretation of Gilbert and Sullivan for Bible geeks! This is pretty hilarious, even though I don’t understand most of it. Enjoy. [Read more...]

Santa Cop is coming to town

A guaranteed day-brightener from Lowell, Michigan, where police decided to do something special for folks who got pulled over for small traffic violations. This will make you smile. [Read more...]

The ups and downs of real estate: using a roller coaster to sell a house

I want one. Now. Details:  Buying a new home can often be a roller coaster ride. And now potential purchasers can experience that nervous thrill before they even commit to splashing out their hard-earned cash. That’s because a real estate broker in Ermelo, Netherlands, has installed a miniature version of the popular fairground attraction inside [Read More...]

The feel-good video of the season, from those generous blue elves at WestJet

Many will remember the great WestJet Christmas video from last year, wherein the Canadian airline gave unsuspecting passengers some pretty extravagant gifts. Well, they’ve outdone themselves this year with another blockbuster video—and it is an instant classic. Break out the Kleenex for this one. I can’t imagine what this costs the company, but for all [Read More...]

A Brooklyn bishop sings the praises of deacons

It’s Auxiliary Bishop Octavio Cisneros, offering his endorsement of the diaconate in this new promotional video from the USCCB. Check it out and pass it on. [Read more...]

VIDEO: Ordination of Brooklyn’s new deacons

Take a look.  You’ll get a glimpse of Your Humble Blogger, and the deacon I helped vest, Jeremy Canna.   Congratulations again, guys! Click here to watch the video.  [Read more...]

How to fold a shirt in under two seconds

This will change my life forever … [Read more...]

I’m hopelessly square

Yesterday, a legend from my youth, Eydie Gorme, died. Below, a stellar moment from the Steve Allen Show in 1958. You’ve seen this technique used countless times—Saturday Night Live likes to use it, usually hilariously and with a side order of snark—but this long tracking shot backstage with Eydie and Steve and Ann Sothern and [Read More...]

The last thing you’d expect to hear on “America’s Got Talent”

But it’s just great. Did the audience have any idea what they were hearing? Just watch. [Read more...]