And now the “Les Mis Mass”

From our Church of England siblings in the Diocese of York in the U.K. comes this press release:  A communion service set to the music of Les Miserables will be held at York Minster at 7.30pm on Sunday 19th January. Led by Transcendence, a team which holds a regular Multimedia Eucharist at York Minster, this [Read More...]

Ian Paisley called Tony Blair “a fool” for converting to Catholicism

Details:  Mr Blair announced in 2007 that he was leaving the Anglican Church to become a Catholic. His wife and children were already Catholic and there had been speculation that he would convert after leaving office that year. In tonight’s BBC interview, Mr Paisley recalls how Mr Blair told him of his plans shortly before he converted. [Read More...]

Former Anglican celebrates his first Christmas as a Catholic priest

From the Catholic Review in Baltimore: This Christmas was particularly joyous for Father Albert Scharbach, who celebrated its liturgies just a few weeks after his ordination as a Catholic priest for the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter. Photo: Tom McCarthy/Catholic Review “I feel like myself again, but much more,” Father Scharbach said [Read More...]

Extreme makeover: Church of England may do away with vestments

Bad idea:  Never mind the cassocks – vicars could soon be conducting services in shell-suits, shorts or even football shirts under radical plans to overturn centuries of Church tradition. Rules requiring the clergy to don traditional vestments are set to be swept aside as part of a ‘makeover’ designed to make services more relevant to [Read More...]

A first: monastery for the Anglican ordinariate to be founded on January 1

Details from the Catholic Herald in the U.K.:  The first monastery of the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham will be founded on New Year’s Day, it was announced today. On January 1 2014 the Sisters of the Blessed Virgin Mary will formally become the first autonomous monastery within the Personal Ordinariate of Our [Read More...]

Savannah ordains first former Anglican priest, a grandfather of 17

Father Lucien Lindsey gives his blessing to his wife, Jeanne. (Photo: Michael J. Johnson, editor Southern Cross) Details from the Savannah Morning News:  In a first for the Catholic Diocese of Savannah, Bishop Gregory J. Hartmayer ordained an Anglican priest to the Catholic priesthood Wednesday. The Rev. Lucien Lindsey was ordained a Catholic priest at [Read More...]

Baltimore welcomes a new priest—and his wife and seven children

From the blog for the Anglican Ordinariate:  On Friday, Nov. 15, after the conclusion of the USCCB Fall Assembly, there was a wonderful ordination to the priesthood of Fr. Albert Scharbach.  Fr. Al was ordained by his boss, Bishop Denis J. Madden, auxiliary of the Archdiocese of Baltimore, in what has been called “America’s most [Read More...]

“We really do have to stop being weird”

Those words, evidently, were among the arguments put forward for letting women serve as bishops in the Church of England. Really? Well, it seems to have worked. Fr. Dwight Longenecker has the whole story.   [Read more...]

Church of England bishops propose no longer making gay clergy promise abstinence

Details:  A panel of bishops is set to spark a fresh row over homosexuality by paving the way for the Church of England to relax its stance on gay clergy. Sources said the group will recommend that clerics wanting to enter civil partnerships should no longer have to promise their bishops that they will abstain [Read More...]

Hot cross bums: cold church tries pew warmers

As one reader noted, on sending this to me, “Leave it to the Anglicans.” Check it out: The prayers of parishioners at two cold and damp churches have been answered after the Diocese of Exeter agreed to trial re-heatable cushions on the pews. One hundred cushions are being trialled in Broadclyst and South Tawton’s Anglican [Read More...]