“I Am the Very Model of a Biblical Philologist”

Well, I’m not. But I know some of you out there will love this: an inspired re-interpretation of Gilbert and Sullivan for Bible geeks! This is pretty hilarious, even though I don’t understand most of it. Enjoy. [Read more...]

And a little child shall lead them: new movie depicts God as a boy

From The New York Times:  Ridley Scott’s 3-D “Exodus: Gods and Kings” has computer-generated plagues, waves and tornadoes. It has boat-chomping crocodiles, 400,000 digitally rendered Hebrew slaves and a sword-wielding Christian Bale as a “Gladiator”-like Moses. But God may still steal the show. “Exodus,” to be released on Dec. 12, preserves the awful severity of the [Read More...]

A new Catholic Bible? Check out “The Message”

Those of us who grew up with the “Good News for Modern Man” in the 1970s can be forgiven for feeling a sense of deja vu. But here’s some news about a new translation of the Bible that you’ll be hearing about, from NCR: The Message is relatively unknown to Catholics because it is a Protestant [Read More...]


What to give the priest or deacon who has everything. [Read more...]


  After reading my Good Friday homily, describing a visit to Calvary, a deacon reader sent the above picture, showing the chapel containing the spot where Christ was crucified. Below, a shot of pilgrims lining up to touch the site. [Read more...]

Scientists say the ark would float—even with 35,000 species of animals

Don’t try this at home.  Although it seems scientists think it would work: Noah’s Ark would have floated — even with two of every animal on board, physicists have determined based on the weight of the beasts and the buoyancy of the boat. The students from the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of [Read More...]

Is this the Holy Grail?

Just in time for Easter, from The New York Daily News: Two historians claim the search for the Holy Grail is over. The famous cup used by Jesus Christ during the Last Supper was identified in a book written by Margarita Torres Jose Manuel Ortega del Rio, titled “Kings of the Grail” and published last [Read More...]

Will “Son of God” be this weekend’s #1 movie at the box office?

Maybe:  Universal’s Non-Stop, starring Liam Neeson, surged ahead to take the lead in the weekend box office, snagging the spot from The Lego Movie, according to Forbes. Along with Neeson, the film stars Julianna Moore and 12 Years a Slave’s Oscar-nominated Lupita Nyong’o.  The action thriller is set to bring in around $30 million over the course of this weekend.  The Los [Read More...]

Bombing North Korea with bibles

From FoxNews.com:  On a rainy afternoon last Spring, American pastor Eric Foley and his wife stood in a muddy field near the North Korea border and prayed – their hands clasped to a 40-foot homemade balloon that would carry Bibles to the communist dictatorship’s underground Christians. “I get choked up, every time, as I let [Read More...]

Good luck trying to preach this idea at Midnight Mass

A biblical scholar makes the compelling argument that Jesus was not born in a stable:  This understanding of the story has been around, even in Western scholarship, for a long, long time. Bailey cites William Thomson, a Presbyterian missionary to Lebanon, Syria and Palestine, who wrote in 1857: It is my impression that the birth actually took place [Read More...]