How Make-A-Wish and a bishop gave boy a chance to be “Priest for a Day”

This will be hard to top for uplift and sheer wonderfulness. From the St. Louis Review:  Make-A-Wish requests often involve meeting athletes, attending sporting events or traveling to amusement parks or beaches. When it came time for 11-year-old Brett Haubrich of south St. Louis County to make his wish, he not only listed none of [Read More...]

A lapsed Catholic encounters a shepherd: “Bishop Vann practices what he preaches”

Here’s something you don’t see every day. A self-professed “lapsed Catholic” visits the campus of the new cathedral on Orange County to chat with Bishop Kevin Vann, and comes away impressed and, just maybe, changed: I ask about tolerance, and about illegal immigration in particular. The bishop immediately dismisses the term “tolerance,” which he says [Read More...]

Vatican defends Barros appointment in Chile

From Reuters:   The Vatican on Tuesday strongly defended its appointment of a bishop in Chile despite protests by critics who have accused him of covering up sexual abuse. Juan Barros was installed on March 21 as new bishop of Osorno as supporters holding white balloons and opponents carrying black ones shouted at each other during [Read More...]

Renegade bishops plan consecrations for “The Resistance”

Grim news for Holy Week:  Two renegade Catholic bishops plan to consecrate a new generation of bishops to spread their ultra-traditionalist movement called “The Resistance” in defiance of the Vatican, one of them said at a remote monastery in Brazil. French Bishop Jean-Michel Faure, himself consecrated only two weeks ago by the Holocaust-denying British Bishop Richard [Read More...]

Cupich: hospitalized Cardinal George in good spirits

From The Chicago Tribune:  A day after the Archdiocese of Chicago announced that Cardinal Francis George was back in the hospital, Archbishop Blase Cupich said that his predecessor was in good spirits. “He was very good to talk to, as he always is,” Cupich told reporters after Palm Sunday Mass in Holy Name Cathedral. “He asked me how I was doing, and said, [Read More...]

You knew this was coming: UK’s first husband-wife bishop couple

From The Telegraph:  The UK’s first husband and wife team of bishops has been created with the appointment of a new Bishop of Hull. The Rev Canon Alison White, 58, is to become the Church of England’s second female bishop, but the role will mean she will see far less of her husband of 30 years, [Read More...]

Must-see TV: the rockin’ ordination of Bishop Fernand J. Cheri

The last minute or so of this video is priceless. CNS notes:  Let the record show that never before in the nearly 300-year history of St. Louis Cathedral have Catholics seen a dancing bishop. But when Bishop Fernand “Ferd” Cheri III, a Franciscan priest and native son, made his first remarks to the nearly 1,000 [Read More...]

Dear Pope Francis: shouldn’t the Vatican say something about this?

Today, this happened:  A bishop is being ordained in southern Chile amid protests by sex-abuse victims who accuse him of covering up crimes of a mentor whom the Vatican has sanctioned for abusing young boys. Pope Francis chose the 58-year-old Rev. Juan Barros as bishop of the southern city of Osorno. Hundreds of churchgoers dressed in the [Read More...]

Bishop Williamson excommunicated. Again.

From The Catholic Herald:  Bishop Richard Williamson has been automatically excommunicated along with the priest he illicitly ordained a bishop. Bishop Williamson violated Church law when he ordained Fr Jean-Michel Faure, 73, a bishop without papal approval during a ceremony in Nova Friburgo, Brazil, on the feast of St Joseph. While the Vatican did not [Read More...]

Rome pulls the plug on Medjugorje event in St. Louis

Diane over at Te Deum has all the details, but the letter below, from Archbishop Robert Carlson of St. Louis, makes it plain: “I have received a request from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith to remind everyone that they are not to participate in events that promote the so-called visionaries of Medjugorje…” [Read More...]