Cardinal Marx: “We must look for ways for people to receive the Eucharist. It is not about finding ways to keep them out!”

From America magazine, part of an interview conducted recently: Two issues at the present synod are divorced and remarried Catholics and gay Catholics, especially those in relationships. Do you have opportunities to listen directly to these Catholics in your present ministry? I have been a priest for 35 years. This problem is not new. I [Read More...]

Gloria Steinem slated to speak at Catholic college

Gloria Steinem at a news conference for the Women’s Action Alliance in 1972, via Wikipedia The news was announced in September: Famed writer, lecturer, editor and activist Gloria Steinem will speak at St. Norbert College on April 21, 2015. Steinem’s appearance will come during a week-long residency at the college by renowned public intellectual bell [Read More...]

A priest forever

Wednesday, the poignant picture below appeared on the Facebook page of Toledo Bishop Daniel Thomas with this explanation: Please join me in praying for the happy repose of the soul of one of our priests, Father Jerome Niedermier, who you may recall I had the joy of meeting on the day of the announcement of [Read More...]

Archbishop threatens to fire staff who support same-sex marriage—UPDATED

Kathy Schiffer has the scoop:  Archbishop Thomas Wenski, archbishop of Miami, has warned archdiocesan employees that any action in support of Florida’s now-legal same-sex marriage could cost them their jobs. “Because of the Church’s particular function in society,” the archbishop wrote, “certain conduct, inconsistent with the teachings of the Catholic Church, could lead to disciplinary action, including termination, [Read More...]

Bishop declines governor’s inauguration invitation because of abortion stance

From The Providence Journal:  Roman Catholic Bishop Thomas J. Tobin said Monday he rejected an invitation this past weekend to attend Governor-elect Gina Raimondo’s inauguration, because of her stance on “the grave moral evil” of abortion. “Over the weekend I did receive a formal written invitation to the Inauguration, the courtesy of which I appreciated,” [Read More...]

Cardinal Burke: “The radical feminist movement strongly influenced the Church”

From an interview with a website called New Emangelization:   I think there has been a great confusion with regard to the specific vocation of men in marriage and of men in general in the Church during the past 50 years or so. It’s due to a number of factors, but the radical feminism which [Read More...]

A bishop writes about America’s “racial divide,” his experiences of “walking while black”

Bishop Edward K. Braxton, from the website for the Diocese of Belleville, IL. From CNS:  In a 19-page reflection on the “racial divide” in the United States, Bishop Edward K. Braxton of Belleville, who is African-American, said he twice had been the victim of what he considered to be unjust police attitudes.The episodes “made me [Read More...]

The transformation of Boston’s “Little Rome”

Cardinal’s residence (photo: Boston College) From The New York Times:  The house on the rise has long been a symbol of Catholicism in Boston. When it was built, its grandeur demonstrated the wherewithal of the city’s newly powerful Roman Catholic community. When it was sold, the transaction reflected the straits of a once-powerful archdiocese brought [Read More...]

Belgian bishop calls for “formal recognition” of same-sex couples

Photo by Carolus / via Wikipedia From The International Business Times:  A Catholic bishop in Belgium has called for ecclesiastical recognition of same-sex couples within the Roman Catholic Church. Bishop Johan Bonny of Antwerp, Belgium, shared his thoughts in an interview for De Morgen, a Belgian newspaper, on Dec. 27. “Indeed, we need to seek a [Read More...]

Cardinal George dropped from drug trial to treat his cancer

From The Chicago Sun Times:  Cardinal Francis George was dropped from the clinical drug trial to treat his cancer because recent scans showed the treatment hasn’t worked for him, the Archdiocese of Chicago said in a statement Wednesday. While the experimental antibody drug was not effective in George’s case, physicians and others overseeing the trial [Read More...]