Team Patheos!

A little group of us, representing part of the Patheos Catholic Channel, gathered to lead a panel discussion this afternoon at the Catholic Media Conference in Charlotte. The topic: “Blogging About Faith Without Losing Your Soul.”  After the talk, we posed for a class picture. It’s Sister Rose, Your Humble Blogger, Fr. Eric Sundrup, Frank [Read More...]

Gospel and BBQ in Charlotte!

No one can say the visit to Charlotte has been dull. This evening’s Mass was celebrated at St. Peter’s Church, a Jesuit parish in downtown Charlotte that happens to be the oldest Catholic church in Charlotte. The mural behind the altar appears to depict Jesus’s appearance to Peter after the Resurrection. And one of the [Read More...]

Archbishop Kurtz on digital media: We need to move “from diatribe to dialogue”

Louisville’s Archbishop Joseph Kurtz delivered the keynote at last night’s session of the Catholic Media Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina. A portion, from his blog: I believe that the Catholic press will be called over the next decade to influence the new digital frontier by carving out a place for dialogue. This may well be [Read More...]

Rep. Rebecca Hamilton says goodbye to all that

My blog neighbor—18-year veteran of the Oklahoma House of Representatives—is finishing up her last session today. Her term ends in November. And she’s in a reflective mood that reveals a side of public service most of us don’t see:  Today is the last day that I will drive to the capitol, park my car and [Read More...]

Smile: 10 commandments for the digital age

From The Telegraph: It might seem far removed from some of its more sombre instructions to the faithful over the centuries. But the Roman Catholic Church has issued advice to its followers on how to use the internet – and given an unlikely stamp of ecclesiastical approval to the use of the humble smiley face. [Read More...]

Happy birthday, dear Patheos, happy birthday to yooooouuuu….

Patheos is pretty big for a five-year-old, don’t you think? Today marks the five-year anniversary, or birthday, or whatever you want to call it, of this remarkable little enterprise. I joined in 2010, bringing “The Deacon’s Bench” over from Beliefnet. Patheos back then was just a year old. The paint was still damp and the [Read More...]

On deacons, blogs, bishops and obedience

Over at his blog, Deacons Today, Bill Ditewig unpacks the recent controversy surrounding the UK’s Deacon Nick Donnelly, and takes a closer look at the relationship between a deacon and his bishop, He also makes clear why the work of blogging clergy is fundamentally different than that of the laity. Take it away, Bill:  Concerning [Read More...]

UK Bishop: “I have not closed down the deacon’s blog”

Remember this item about Deacon Nick Donnelly in the Diocese of Lancaster in the UK? Yesterday,Bishop Michael Campbell issued the following release:  Bishop Campbell did not close down Protect the Pope ‘Back in 2010 Deacon Nick Donnelly set up the Protect the Pope website/blog, as a direct response to the campaign of hostility and ridicule [Read More...]

Another deacon at Patheos: Congratulations to Scot McKnight!

A little over three years ago, I was blogging at Beliefnet when Elizabeth Scalia called to invite me to join her merry band at Patheos. My first reaction was “Pathy-what?”  At the time, the Catholic portal (it wasn’t a full-fledged channel yet) had only a handful of bloggers; I think it was Elizabeth, Frank Weathers [Read More...]

UK bishop shuts down deacon’s blog

You may remember the controversy surrounding the blog “Protect the Pope“, managed by Deacon Nick Donnelly in Lancaster, England. His wife posted the following item today: It is with sorrow that I am writing to let you know that Bishop Campbell, the Bishop of Lancaster, has refused Nick’s request to resume news posting on Protect [Read More...]