Happy birthday, dear Patheos, happy birthday to yooooouuuu….

Patheos is pretty big for a five-year-old, don’t you think? Today marks the five-year anniversary, or birthday, or whatever you want to call it, of this remarkable little enterprise. I joined in 2010, bringing “The Deacon’s Bench” over from Beliefnet. Patheos back then was just a year old. The paint was still damp and the [Read More...]

On deacons, blogs, bishops and obedience

Over at his blog, Deacons Today, Bill Ditewig unpacks the recent controversy surrounding the UK’s Deacon Nick Donnelly, and takes a closer look at the relationship between a deacon and his bishop, He also makes clear why the work of blogging clergy is fundamentally different than that of the laity. Take it away, Bill:  Concerning [Read More...]

UK Bishop: “I have not closed down the deacon’s blog”

Remember this item about Deacon Nick Donnelly in the Diocese of Lancaster in the UK? Yesterday,Bishop Michael Campbell issued the following release:  Bishop Campbell did not close down Protect the Pope ‘Back in 2010 Deacon Nick Donnelly set up the Protect the Pope website/blog, as a direct response to the campaign of hostility and ridicule [Read More...]

Another deacon at Patheos: Congratulations to Scot McKnight!

A little over three years ago, I was blogging at Beliefnet when Elizabeth Scalia called to invite me to join her merry band at Patheos. My first reaction was “Pathy-what?”  At the time, the Catholic portal (it wasn’t a full-fledged channel yet) had only a handful of bloggers; I think it was Elizabeth, Frank Weathers [Read More...]

UK bishop shuts down deacon’s blog

You may remember the controversy surrounding the blog “Protect the Pope“, managed by Deacon Nick Donnelly in Lancaster, England. His wife posted the following item today: It is with sorrow that I am writing to let you know that Bishop Campbell, the Bishop of Lancaster, has refused Nick’s request to resume news posting on Protect [Read More...]

The Canonization Chronicles: A deacon’s view in Rome this week

Deacon Bill Ditewig, in Rome for the canonizations, found the most important spot in the Eternal City: Bill will be blogging in the days ahead. His first impressions: I’m sitting at the base of one of Bernini’s great columns waiting for a deacon-friend to arrive from the Netherlands. Sitting near me, the next column over, [Read More...]

“The sacred and profane collide on the Via Dolorosa”

Thousands of pilgrims walk the streets of Jerusalem every year, retracing the footsteps of Christ, the Stations of the Cross, along the Via Dolorosa or “Way of Sorrows.” Some years back, writer George Martin described his experience of that Way of the Cross, and it’s been posted this week over at my other blog, CNEWA’s [Read More...]

“Pope Francis has challenged us all to look more closely at the way we are as a church…”

A paper in South Jersey, the Courier-Post, looks at the controversy over where bishops live, including some bishops in New Jersey. The reporter, obviously acting out of desperation, spoke to a couple (cough) Catholic bloggers (cough). A snip:  Controversies have flared recently over church leaders’ pricey homes in the Atlanta and Newark dioceses. And Pope [Read More...]

“The emergence of the Catholic blogosphere is one of the most significant developments in the 21st century Church”

An editorial from the UK’s Catholic Herald:  It’s not difficult to find evidence of our fallen nature online – the querulous, the obsessive, the paranoid and the uncharitable nestle alongside the illuminating, inspiring, persuasive and heartwarming. Perhaps some bishops have also come across blogs that were unjustly critical of them and therefore rejected the blogging [Read More...]

A contrarian view of “unplugging”

If you are one of those who has forsaken Facebook or Twitter for Lent, you might want to ponder these thoughts from Casey N. Cep in The New Yorker, writing about the recent National Day of Unplugging:  I was struck last year when Pope Benedict XVI, after he started tweeting, delivered a message on social networks. [Read More...]