On Mary Magdalene, the media, and mercy

Yesterday marked the feast of St. Mary Magdalene — and the Archbishop of Los Angeles offered a beautiful, surprisingly timely reflection. Here’s Archbishop Jose Gomez, from The Tidings: God is kind and merciful. There is no one who is beyond the pale of his redemption. There is no one whom God cannot redeem and use [Read More...]

From the e-mail bag: You say "Sha POO," I say "Sha PEW"

From a reader in Denver: Those of us who personally know and serve the Archbishop here in Denver pronounce his last name “Sha Pew” as does he and as did Cardinal Rigali at this morning’s press conference in Philadelphia. The Archbishop doesn’t correct those who mispronounce it unless you totally butcher it. Please accept this [Read More...]

Quote of the day: Canada edition

“When I went to business school, part of what you learn is a culture that rewards ambition. I did a lot to unlearn that when I decided to become a priest.  I am ambitious for the higher gifts, as Saint Paul put it – primarily the gift of service.” – Fr. Thomas Dowd, age 40, [Read More...]

The Deacon's Buzz

Department of Shameless Self-Promotion: I was surprised and humbled to find myself mentioned in two other blogs this morning. Michael Leach, publisher emeritus of Orbis Books, tossed me onto a list of his favorite Catholic blogs (I’m breathing some rarefied air — check out the company I keep!).  Thanks, Mike! And my neighbor down the [Read More...]

When comments close: the reaction

Thought I’d share a few more postcards from the e-mail bag, with some wide-ranging reaction to yesterday’s post about closing comments for a few days. I received a couple comments like this one, from a reader who understands why I did it: : Overall— I enjoy the many different comments on your blog—-even the caustic ones— [Read More...]

Pics from Pittsburgh

I know you all have been breathlessly awaiting pictures from the Catholic Media Convention last week in Pittsburgh.  The wait is over. Pittsburgh is a lovely city, and not at all what a lot of us expected.  No rust, no smokestacks.  Lots of hills and ballparks.  Below, the view from my hotel room. There were [Read More...]

Conventional wisdom

Well, actually, I have no wisdom.  But I have pens.  Every booth here is giving away free pens.  Which is appropriate, since the Catholic Media Convention is in Pen-nsylvania.  Heh. The days here in Pittsburgh have been more crowded than I anticipated.  I’ve fallen behind on blogging — but have had wonderful opportunities to spend [Read More...]

The new Vatican website, explained

H/T to web wizard Deacon Eric Stoltz. Click to enlarge. [Read more...]

Meet "Fr. Gadget" and his iPad

Remember when priests never went anywhere without a breviary? Here’s the 21st century (Anglican) version, from the BBC: A parish priest is turning heads by using the latest technology to help communicate with his flock. Father David Matthews, who jokingly calls himself “Father Gadget”, uses an iPad for readings, prayers and music. The Church in [Read More...]

Quote of the day

“There exists a Christian way of being present in the digital world: this takes the form of a communication which is honest and open, responsible and respectful of others. To proclaim the Gospel through the new media means not only to insert expressly religious content into different media platforms, but also to witness consistently, in [Read More...]