Ever have one of those days?

Be thankful you aren’t this guy: I know we all feel like that sometimes. Today is the feast of St. Sebastian (shown above).   Patrick McNamara has some interesting notes about the parish named for him in Queens — right at the geographical center of New York City.   The pastor, Msgr. Michael Hardiman, even has his [Read More...]

A new online magazine tracks news of the Ordinariate

And the first big news is the ordination of three former Anglican bishops today as deacons. Details: Today, former Anglican Bishops Andrew Burnham, John Broadhurst and Keith Newton became Catholic deacons, and on Saturday they will be ordained Catholic priests. The first “personal ordinariate” is being born, though its official birth awaits a decree from [Read More...]

I'm back!

Miss me? Yeah, I didn’t think so. I spent the last two days in Washington for a meeting of the USCCB’s Communications Committee (where I serve as a consultant).  I managed to arrive before the big fat snowstorm that walloped the Northeast (and that, incredibly, left barely an inch of snow in Washington.) Blogging will [Read More...]

Happy New Year from "The Bench"

And so, a new year dawns! Happy 2011! The year is young — anything is possible! Here’s praying that you and yours enjoy only the best of blessings in the year ahead. God bless, Deacon Greg [Read more...]

A word about comments

To those who are new to these parts (and that would include me!), if you register at Patheos, your comment will appear immediately and will not have to wait to be approved by Your Humble Blogger. And the ground rules that were in place back at Beliefnet still hold. You might want to check them [Read More...]

My saint

Over at The Anchoress, Elizabeth Scalia is inviting folks to try a nifty “saint-generator” — a kind of digital religious roulette that picks for you, evidently a random, a patron saint. So who did I get?  Joyful St. Francis?  Funny Philip Neri?  Nah. I got this guy: He’s Blessed Anton Martin Slomsek (with a curious [Read More...]

Merry Christmas from "The Bench"

The hard-working staff of The Bench will be taking a few days off for the Christmas holiday, so posting will be light. Meantime, a blessed and happy Christmas to one and all! [Read more...]

"Chradvent," anyone?

Back on the first Sunday of Advent, I preached about the tendency to mush together Advent and Christmas into one unhealthy season — and I encouraged people to make Advent matter.    Well, it turns out the Bishop of Salt Lake City had some very similar ideas, and issued his first pastoral letter at the [Read More...]

And the blog-warming party continues

Welcome to “The Deacon’s Bench”! If you’re stopping by for the first time, don’t be shy! Yesterday, we discovered a clever virtual Christmas, checked out what the Magi are up to, met a homeless man with 4500 Facebook friends, and witnessed one of the most bizarre holiday videos, ever.  And we’re just getting started. If [Read More...]

How would the Nativity be handled today?

Why, digitally, of course.  Here’s an inspired look at how it might unfold. Merry Digital Christmas! [Read more...]