“Don’t curse the dark”

“The more you get involved in the groups that are doing wonderful work in the church the more you will be filled with joy in being a Catholic. The corruption, scandal and heresy will fade away like shadows. You will see clearly what you should be doing and it will be positive, life filled and [Read More...]

“There is a growing tendency to ‘tabloidism’ in the Catholic press…and the worrying phenomenon of blogs”

Some of the remarks from Most Rev. Diarmuid Martin, Archbishop of Dublin, on the New Evangelization: We do not need a conformist Church.  We need a Church of mature and authentic common commitment and concern for the spreading of the Gospel.  That Gospel is perennially new and must always be presented in ways that are new, but [Read More...]

USCCB sets up special web page devoted to Syria

Check it out: “Praying for Peace in Syria.”  This has very good videos and news items, including the latest on the situation in Syria and what Pope Francis and other Church leaders are saying. Pay a visit and check back often.  It’s a helpful resource, and a smart move on the part of the USCCB [Read More...]

“If you’re spending all of your time looking for errors, you can begin to forget what the truth looks like”

This gave me a lot to think about, in light of some recent rock-throwing and shin-kicking around the Catholic blogosphere. This comes from Will Duquette and his blog A View from the Foothills:  As on-line Catholics, we can spend our time writing about what is true, good, and beautiful, or writing about what is false, [Read More...]

Labor pains—UPDATED

Just in time for Labor Day, Michael Voris offers this gift to the workers of the world, especially those he calls “professional Catholics”: My blog neighbor Fr. Dwight Longenecker wasn’t impressed: The most worrying thing about Voris’ attack on Catholic Answers, EWTN and others is that it seems like some kind of sick revenge thing. [Read More...]

Look who’s talking…

Some New Evangelizers chat about new evangelizing. You may see one or two familiar names. Kudos to the talented Chaz Muth at CNS for pulling this together so deftly. [Read more...]

Next time you type an email address, thank a monk

Researchers say monks invented one of the most commonly used internet abbreviations. From Huffington Post:  The @ symbol is one of the Internet’s most ubiquitous characters; and modern writers would probably be hard-pressed to think of a way that they would use it in a non-digital context. However, the “at” sign was actually invented hundreds of [Read More...]

I’m going down the shore

Which, of course, means the Jersey Shore. I’ll be speaking at a conference in Long Branch, New Jersey, at the venerable San Alfonso Retreat House, run by the Redemptorists. The topic for the next four days: “Preaching the Gospel Anew.”  Looking forward to catching up with some old friends like the “Church Whisperer” and that [Read More...]

“The Church has not gone down the tubes…”

Thank you, Msgr. Charles Pope, for saying what many need to hear. From his blog:  There’s a common thread among many traditional Catholics (and some left-wingers too) that “the Church has gone down the tubes.” This seems to be a basic set point in too many conversations, and if one runs too far afield from [Read More...]

Bishop Lynch: “I am convinced that many so called Pro-Life groups are not really pro-life but merely anti-abortion”

Remarkable to read words like this coming from a Catholic bishop in the United States. Here’s Bishop Robert Lynch, from St. Petersburg: I am convinced that many so called Pro-Life groups are not really pro-life but merely anti-abortion. We heard nothing from the heavy hitters in the prolife movement in the last week when Florida last [Read More...]