Well, there are three of us. Pictured: Your Humble Blogger, wrapping up his West Coast Odyssey with a visit to the legendary Church of the Good Shepherd in Beverly Hills, with two wonderful clergymen serving that parish, Msgr. Thomas Welbers (left, doing his best impression of Sir Richard Attenborough) and Deacon Eric Stoltz (right). The [Read More...]

“Instead of Closing Parishes and Schools, We’re Doing the Opposite. We’re in Total Growth Mode…”

It’s a trend worth spotting:  In the waves of turbulence that rippled throughout the Catholic Church in the 1970s, the nuns of St. Dominic’s Monastery found themselves forced to leave their longtime home in Wisconsin in search of a new one. The nuns moved to a temporary residence in Washington, D.C., while looking for a permanent setting [Read More...]

Tabernacle stolen from Michigan church

Details:  Detectives from the state police post in Mt. Pleasant are looking for information in the theft of a Tabernacle from a church in Isabella County. A Tabernacle, which holds communion wafers, was stolen from St. Charles Of Leaton Catholic Church Friday, state police Detective Sgt. Gary Green said. In the church, the Tabernacle, which [Read More...]

Stabbing update: New Mexico parish forgives attacker, starts fund for victims

Remember this story?  Here’s more:  Members of a Catholic church where three people were stabbed during Mass a week ago launched an effort on Sunday to raise money for victims hurt in the attack. The start of the campaign came as Sunday services resumed at St. Jude Thaddeus Church. Parishioners were also collecting cards and [Read More...]

How come more people don’t go to church?

It may not be the reason you think. Details:  The Rev. Stephen Fichter understood just how dominant a role sports has assumed in the culture when a family told him they would be out of town Good Friday to Easter Sunday to attend their child’s volleyball tournament. “It’s truly sports that has become like the [Read More...]

Making something beautiful in Brooklyn

A Brooklyn landmark is about to get an extreme—and much-needed—makeover. As a local website described it: A historic church in Windsor Terrace, the Holy Name of Jesus Church at 245 Prospect Park West, is receiving a big historical restoration. And as a tipster puts it, “This isn’t just any church overhaul: Holy Name was architecturally [Read More...]

Benedict’s parting gift to Brooklyn: historic church designated as co-cathedral

Great news from the In My Backyard Desk: Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio petitioned the Vatican last year to give Cathedral status to St. Joseph’s, the largest church in the Brooklyn diocese. Pope Emeritus Benedict granted the request before he resigned. DiMarzio will be the Pastor of St. Joseph’s, which will now serve as the seat of [Read More...]

Before and after: a Texas church reborn

Earlier, I posted on my visit to St. Monica’s in Dallas, which has just completed a lengthy renovation. It will be rededicated later this month.  I paid a visit to the parish Facebook page and found some truly impressive pictures of the renovation in progress.  Check ‘em out. [Read more...]

New Ohio church uses glass salvaged from other churches

From the Columbus Dispatch:  When planners asked St. Paul the Apostle parishioners what they wanted in a new church, their preference was clear: a return to the traditional. The Romanesque-style Catholic church in Westerville, with its arches and columns, cross-shaped floor plan and Jerusalem stone throughout, filled the bill. The church received some help achieving [Read More...]

Before and after: a church renovation in California

From the good folks at New Liturgical Movement, here are some shots of Holy Innocents Catholic Church in Long Beach, California.  I’m a little baffled at the big marble pillars that appear to be holding up…some painted words?  And the ambo seems too modern and out of place. I do think it’s an improvement, though.  Visit [Read More...]