Out of bounds: “The notion of a stadium so close to this historic building is not comforting…”

There are concerns now being raised about the proposed locations for a new stadium for the Minnesota Vikings: Two proposed new stadium sites for the Minnesota Vikings professional football team, especially one only 300 feet from the Catholic Basilica of St. Mary, have the church’s rector “very concerned.” “I can’t imagine how our thousands of [Read More...]

Here come the Anglicans: details on America’s first ordinariate

This broke while I was away from my desk, in the middle of the Sunday Marathon of Masses, but Rocco has all you need to know: In an unprecedented Sunday announcement — a significant sign of Rome’s degree of seriousness about the effort — the Vatican’s press bulletin gave official word of the erection of [Read More...]

“God’s igloo”: Germans build Catholic church made of ice

I shudder to think what baptisms would be like. Details: A church built entirely of ice and snow has opened in Bavaria — a century after villagers first built a snow church in an act of protest. The church at Mitterfirmiansreut, near the Czech border, is more than 65 feet in length and boasts a [Read More...]

Christmas in Queens

Outside our church in Forest Hills last night: Midnight Mass was full of wonder and joy. A church built for 900 at midnight had about 1200. Many unfamiliar faces. A surprising number of children. It began at midnight, sharp. Processional: “Once, in Royal David’s City.” Segue into “O Come All Ye Faithful,” complete with trumpet, [Read More...]

Churches closed for Christmas?

It would be unthinkable to Catholics, but some Protestant parishes are doing just that: Because Christmas falls on Sunday this year, some churches are opting to close that day so that families can spend the morning toegther at home. Life Research, based on Nashville, says its national survey of Protestant churches found that 91% would [Read More...]

Burst of light: did friars build churches to honor the solstice?

Though some people scoff, one researcher thinks it’s possible.  He contends that some California Catholic missions may have been designed as tools to help convert Native Americans: On the darkest day of the year, a hushed crowd in a dim church awaited a few minutes of sheer brilliance. It was just after dawn Wednesday, the [Read More...]

Long Island becomes home to America’s newest basilica

  From the Hamptons Desk: news that Southampton now has a basilica that the rich and famous can call their own: Pope Benedict XVI recently bestowed the designation of basilica on the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary Roman Catholic Church, an honor that carries certain privileges, including a name change reflecting the Southampton Village [Read More...]

Everything old is new again: church “recycles” windows, altar

Hot on the heels of this posting on a dramatic church renovation comes news about a new church in Pennsylvania which is reusing old elements from other churches: An $8 million Catholic church being built in Lower Paxton Township has taken recycling to new heights. The new Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church — Romanesque [Read More...]

An incredible church renovation

A commenter at this post about the Crystal Cathedral suggested they hire the architect who did the renovations below to transform the space. In a word: wow. You can see more here. The architect is Duncan G. Stroik. RELATED: Everything old is new again: church “recycles” windows, altar [Read more...]

“A true miracle”: why the Crystal Cathedral deal was such a bargain

Writer David Gibson takes a closer look at the deal to buy the Crystal Cathedral and suggests that it was more than a deal — it was a steal: Not only did Catholics get a national landmark designed by the renowned architect Philip Johnson, but Bishop Tod D. Brown wasn’t even the highest bidder: Schuller [Read More...]