My favorite church

It’s where my wife and I were married 27 years ago: the chapel at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Rockville, Md. We paid a visit today, before heading back to New York, and had the privilege of praying during Adoration and sharing in the celebration of the mid-day Mass. There were about 70 or 80 [Read More...]

Visiting a church in Maryland

This marked a rare Sunday when I was away from my parish in Queens. For once, I had a chance to just sit in the pews as an ordinary Catholic instead of puttering around the altar as a deacon. We attended Mass today at St. Mary’s in Rockville. We were married in the tiny chapel [Read More...]

Reminder: bring a camera to Mass on Christmas

Tonight, I stopped by the rectory to meet a family about a baptism. After my meeting, I ran into our parish administrator.  “Hey, want to see the church before you go?,” he said, in that excited way that meant, “You have to see the church before you go.”  Sure, I said.  We went down the [Read More...]

Historic: First “Holy Door” outside of Europe opens in North America

Who knew? A fascinating glimpse at this rare entryway, from CNS: From The Star: The door — two-sided bronze, with Christ on one side, Mary on the other — will be opened for one year and then locked until the next time the Holy Doors in Rome are opened, in 2025. The door is on [Read More...]

Muslims help rebuild a Catholic church

Heartening and inspiring news from the Philippines: Christian residents of this city’s Santa Catalina district found nothing unusual about Muslims bearing carpenters’ tools — until they realized the Muslims had volunteered to help rebuild a Catholic chapel. “We thought they were just looking for damaged mosques to rebuild,” said Jimmy Villaflores, Santa Catalina barangay (village) [Read More...]

Pope Francis medallion added to St. Paul Outside-the-Walls

The Vatican’s Facebook page notes: Pope Francis’ medallion portrait has just been added yesterday to the series of mosaic medallions depicting all the Popes throughout history, situated around the transept and nave of the Roman Basilica of St. Paul Outside-the-Walls. Read more about the basilica’s history here.  CNS notes:  St. Paul’s is today the only [Read More...]

Ohio Catholic church destroyed by fire on Thanksgiving

Photo by Alissa Staley Details from The Columbus Dispatch:  The only church Tammy Dieter has ever known, where her parents married, she married and her babies were baptized, burned to the ground early this morning. Sacred Hearts Parish, on Rt. 42 near Cardington in Morrow County, was destroyed in a fire called in just after [Read More...]

Tornado destroys Catholic church in Ohio

Photo: Jetta Fraser/The Blade From the Toledo Blade (h/t to Norb!): Five moderate tornadoes plowed through six counties in northwest Ohio on Sunday, sparing lives but leveling a church, homes, and businesses, and brushing near part of Lake Township ravaged by a much stronger twister in 2010. The National Weather Service’s confirmation on Monday of [Read More...]

I’m back! And look who I bumped into!

I’m back from my quick jaunt to Washington, which actually was a quick jaunt to Alexandria, Virginia, just across the river. There, I sat on a panel discussing blogging for the regional meeting of the Catholic Press Association (my companions for the session were Matt Palmer from the USCCB and noted “Mommy Blogger” Elizabeth Foss). [Read More...]

Conversion story: church becomes gym

  Photo: by Will Lew Check out this item from the Wall Street Journal:  Inside the former Saint-Jude Church in Montreal, personal trainers mill about where priests once did and hot-stone massages have replaced baptisms. In this city, a former Roman Catholic stronghold where Mark Twain once said you couldn’t throw a brick without breaking [Read More...]