New priest in Florida celebrates first Mass on his wedding anniversary

From Florida comes the story of Miami’s first priest for the Anglican ordinariate:  It’s a claim very few newly-ordained Catholic priests can make: They celebrated their first Mass on their wedding anniversary. But that is just what Father Pedro Toledo did Feb. 16 at St. Louis Church in Pinecrest, celebrating his first Mass on his 34th wedding [Read More...]

In Canada, former Anglican takes “leap of faith” in ordination as Catholic deacon

From The B.C. Catholic in Vancouver: The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity began with a joyous occasion for the Archdiocese of Vancouver. In the presence of 100 parishioners and his fellow converts to Catholicism, Michael Shier was ordained a deacon Jan. 18. Archbishop J. Michael Miller, CSB, celebrated the ordination Mass at Holy Rosary [Read More...]

Ian Paisley called Tony Blair “a fool” for converting to Catholicism

Details:  Mr Blair announced in 2007 that he was leaving the Anglican Church to become a Catholic. His wife and children were already Catholic and there had been speculation that he would convert after leaving office that year. In tonight’s BBC interview, Mr Paisley recalls how Mr Blair told him of his plans shortly before he converted. [Read More...]

Knock, knock: parish launches ambitious door-to-door missionary program

Photo: Zac Boesch/St. Louis Review From The St. Louis Review:  From inside a dark home, through a cracked door, a faceless voice tells Jim G’Sell, “Go away. I’m pagan.” G’Sell walked away and said “Hey, we need to pray for her, ‘Lord, she’s suffering because she doesn’t know You and maybe next time we knock [Read More...]

A first: monastery for the Anglican ordinariate to be founded on January 1

Details from the Catholic Herald in the U.K.:  The first monastery of the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham will be founded on New Year’s Day, it was announced today. On January 1 2014 the Sisters of the Blessed Virgin Mary will formally become the first autonomous monastery within the Personal Ordinariate of Our [Read More...]

Savannah ordains first former Anglican priest, a grandfather of 17

Father Lucien Lindsey gives his blessing to his wife, Jeanne. (Photo: Michael J. Johnson, editor Southern Cross) Details from the Savannah Morning News:  In a first for the Catholic Diocese of Savannah, Bishop Gregory J. Hartmayer ordained an Anglican priest to the Catholic priesthood Wednesday. The Rev. Lucien Lindsey was ordained a Catholic priest at [Read More...]

“What does faith have to do with doing the dishes?”

That’s just one of the questions in this uplifting interview by Kathryn Lopez with Fr. Scott Hurd, who talks about his terrific new book “When Faith Feels Fragile.”  Snip: KJL: Why do you encourage receiving the Eucharist when faith feels fragile? Shouldn’t you wait until you make sure you believe? Fr. Hurd: The Eucharist is not a [Read More...]

Called back: an ex-Mouseketeer’s journey from Paganism back to Christianity

From The New York Times:  They’re an august alumni association, the Mouseketeers of “The All New Mickey Mouse Club,” which ran from 1989 to 1996 on the Disney Channel. Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake top the charts. Keri Russell was Felicity. Christina Aguilera stars with CeeLo Green on “The Voice.” Ryan Gosling starred with his own abs [Read More...]

Jimmy Akin: “It is the anniversary of my wife’s death…”

Jimmy Akin writes, from a deep well:  Every year in August I have a series of special days. First, the 22nd (Queenship of Mary) is the anniversary of my reception into the Church. Then comes my birthday. Then, on the 26th, it is the anniversary of my wife’s death. Visit his site for more. And [Read More...]

Here come the Anglicans: “We are on a pilgrimage together”

Today, the Boston Globe offers a glimpse inside the Anglican ordinariate.  Details:  Before Mass on a recent Sunday, the Rev. Jurgen Liias stood in a cramped sacristy of a Catholic church with an acolyte and cantor and began a call-and-response prayer of preparation. Incense smoldered. The men thumped their chests in a gesture of contrition. [Read More...]