St. Augustine appoints deacon as chancellor

I received this email this morning: As of a week ago the new Chancellor & Diocesan Ecumenical Officer for the Diocese of St. Augustine is Deacon David Williams. And his assistant is also a deacon. His first appearance on the ecumenical scene was on Wednesday, Jan. 21, 2015 as seen in this photo. [Deacon Williams is [Read More...]

Ordination update: 11 new deacons for Arlington

Photo by Ashleigh Buyers | Catholic Herald Following up on the beautiful photo from last weekend, here’s a fuller report from The Arlington Catholic Herald:  Arlington Bishop Paul S. Loverde ordained 11 men to the permanent diaconate Jan. 17 at the Cathedral of St. Thomas More. The 11 new deacons are: Robert E. Benyo, Robert R. Gillispie, [Read More...]

From Stockton, a diaconate ordination like no other

I received the following e-mail this afternoon from Virginia Meagher, Director of the Office of Worship, Music and Christian Initiation for the Diocese of Stockton, California: As you often note the ordaining of new deacons, I thought I would share an unusual ordination with you from the Diocese of Stockton in California. Gregg Jacob has been [Read More...]

Parish mourns death of a deacon: “We don’t often encounter people who have literally changed the world”

Details from Conroe, Texas:  Members of the community are grieving the loss of Mike Mims, a retired business man and beloved deacon at St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church. Mims died Friday when the helicopter he was piloting crashed into a residential fence near The Woodlands. Michael Gene Mims, known as Mike, was 51 and [Read More...]


Photo: Diocese of Arlington via Facebook A hug that’s worth a thousand words. Deacon Rafael Goldsmith is vested and embraced by his son, Father Joseph Goldsmith, at the diaconate ordination in the Diocese of Arlington on Saturday January 17th. Read more about the men who were ordained here.  And there are more pictures here. Ad [Read More...]

Deacons to wear the collar in Madison—UPDATED

From The Catholic Herald:  In an effort to help permanent deacons in the Diocese of Madison become more easily identified as they minister, Bishop Robert C. Morlino has given permission that all permanent deacons in the diocese will be permitted to wear a grey clerical shirt and white collar when actively engaged in diaconal ministry. [Read More...]

Son to vest his father at diaconate ordination

I received the following e-mail yesterday from the Diocese of Arlington: I wanted to be sure you had our new release about the permanent diaconate ordination that will take place this weekend in Arlington, Va. We are very excited for the eleven men. I also thought you would enjoy hearing that one of the men, [Read More...]

Still serving after 40 years

Deacon Tom Powell and his wife Lydia (photo by Kevin Kelly / The Catholic Key) From The Catholic Key in Kansas City-St. Joseph: Deacon Tom Powell wasn’t ordained to win awards. But he won one anyway. True to his calling to service, Deacon Powell wasn’t available in Jefferson City in October to receive his Citizenship [Read More...]

A deacon writes: “We have learned that being transgender is not synonymous with being homosexual”

You may remember the link I posted several days back, about a Florida deacon who wrote about accepting his LGBT child. Deacon Ray Dever dropped me a cordial and appreciative email over the weekend. But he took issue with how his essay was framed. Among other things, he made this distinction: You responded to my [Read More...]

“Jesus, here I am”: the life and legacy of Deacon Robert Kinsey

A beautiful remembrance from The Orlando Sentinel:  “Via mutatur, non tollitur.” The Latin phrase is said in Roman Catholic funerals, but Robert Kinsey was known for living its guidance: “Life is changed, not ended.” Every time Kinsey’s life was supposed to end, the three-time cancer fighter would surprise doctors and families. “He was a tough [Read More...]