Rick Warren on Catholics: “If you love Jesus, we’re on the same team”

The popular Protestant preacher talks with CNS about faith, Mary, the saints and more in the video below—and shares his vision for how we can work together in common cause. [Read more...]

Patriarch Bartholomew may join prayer summit this weekend

From Religion News Service:  Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople may join Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli President Shimon Peres when they meet Pope Francis to pray for peace this weekend. The Vatican’s chief spokesman, the Rev. Federico Lombardi, said Tuesday (June 3) that the pope had invited the head of the Orthodox faith to [Read More...]

Pope and patriarch meet, sign Common Declaration

From CNS:  Half a century after a historic encounter between their predecessors, Pope Francis and Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew met in the same place to seek inspiration for Christian unity at the site of Christ’s death and resurrection. “We need to believe that, just as the stone before the tomb was cast aside, so, too, every [Read More...]

Bishop urges Catholics at “blended” parish in Virginia to go elsewhere—UPDATED

You may remember when this unique parish made news last year. Now it’s in the news again:     Bishop Francis X. DiLorenzo has urged Roman Catholics attending a one-of-a-kind Catholic and Episcopal church to worship at a nearby parish because he has not been able to find a “suitable priest” to serve the blended congregation. [Read More...]

Cardinal O’Malley: “Baptism is one of the elements of our faith that we share in common…”

The cardinal describes last week’s ecumenical service in Boston on his blog:  The celebration was essentially a Bible service with hymns and Scripture readings, followed by a renewal of baptismal vows, because the service was held on the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord. The people came up and Bishop Devadhar and I put [Read More...]

Worth a thousand words: Protestants praying over a future pope

With all the controversy that swirled around this image of Cardinal O’Malley, a reader reminded me of the picture below. It surfaced shortly after Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio was elected pope. Description:  On June 19, 2006, the Third Fraternal Encounter of the Renewed Communion of Evangelicals and Catholics was held in Luna Park stadium in Buenos [Read More...]

Ian Paisley called Tony Blair “a fool” for converting to Catholicism

Details:  Mr Blair announced in 2007 that he was leaving the Anglican Church to become a Catholic. His wife and children were already Catholic and there had been speculation that he would convert after leaving office that year. In tonight’s BBC interview, Mr Paisley recalls how Mr Blair told him of his plans shortly before he converted. [Read More...]

“That all may be one”

Deacon Bill Ditewig reminds us that we are beginning the International Week of Prayer for Christian Unity—and after the recent controversy over that picture with Cardinal O’Malley, quotes this passage from Lumen gentium: The Church recognizes that in many ways she is linked with those who, being baptized, are honored with the name of Christian, though [Read More...]