Contemplate this: studying contemplation in college

Thirty-five years ago, some people sighed and rolled their eyes when I told them I was majoring in English. I wonder what they’d think about a specialty in contemplation? From HuffPo:  Three times last week, between classes in neuropharmacology, neural systems, and journalism, Brown University junior Henry Langton changed into sweatpants, joined dozens of classmates as they [Read More...]

Kentucky Catholic school teacher resigns, blames Ebola scare—UPDATED

Details:  This morning a local school teacher who performs mission work in Kenya is blaming her resignation on the Ebola scare. Susan Sherman taught students at Saint Margaret Mary on Shelbyville Road. In her letter of resignation, Sherman said she had been told many students, teachers, parents and parishioners are unhappy with her decision to [Read More...]

A life well-lived: “You could just sense the Holy Spirit in Jim”

It’s rare to find a  secular newspaper offering this kind of tribute to a Catholic teacher. But this week, Terry Pluto of the Cleveland Plain Dealer penned a poignant and inspiring piece that demands wider circulation. Take a look: Jim Skerl’s squad had more members than Chuck Kyle’s football team at St. Ignatius High School — [Read More...]

Bye bye, books: Catholic school drops textbooks for tablets

A fascinating glimpse into modern education, from Ocala, Florida: Biology teacher Cheryl Tomlinson looked at her Trinity Catholic High School class and challenged her students to find interesting facts about adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Last year, many students would have had to thumb through their textbooks — or maybe used a laptop, if they had one [Read More...]

Can The Rule of St. Benedict save inner city schools?

A new documentary evidently makes a persuasive argument:  One of the most astonishing things about how Catholic schools educate kids in our country’s worst neighborhoods is that they’re by and large serving a population that isn’t Catholic. It didn’t have to be this way. In fact, it almost wasn’t. That’s one bottom line of the [Read More...]

Another gay teacher reportedly fired from Catholic school over pregnancy

This time, in Michigan: A former chemistry teacher at a Catholic, all-girls high school in Bloomfield Hills said she was fired before the semester started because of her “non-traditional” pregnancy. Barbara Webb, 33, of Madison Heights said she’d worked for Marian High School for nine years, also coaching volleyball and softball and serving as student-government moderator. She [Read More...]

UPDATE: Pregnant teacher fired from Catholic school files lawsuit

Not surprising, really:  A former teacher fired for being pregnant filed a lawsuit in Butte federal court Thursday against Butte Central Catholic Schools. In the 12-page document, Shaela Evenson contends the district breached its contract with her and discriminated against her because she was pregnant and because she is female. The suit contends the district [Read More...]

Being Jewish at a Catholic high school

Here’s a perspective you don’t hear often, from writer Aaron Reiss in The Houston Press:  I’m sure it seems weird at this point that I chose to go to Catholic school. My grandmother on my dad’s side of the family was skeptical. I remember my dad and I picking her up from airport once while [Read More...]

Catholic schools become first in Canada to have a “transgender policy” on pronouns, uniforms, washrooms

It may be a first in the world, in fact. Details: Catholic schools in Vancouver have adopted a policy that could allow transgender students to use the pronouns, uniforms and washrooms that match their gender identity after a human rights complaint forced the local archdiocese to balance its religious teachings with the rights of transgender [Read More...]

Utah Catholic schools thriving

Photo: Chuck Wing, Deseret News Hot on the heels of this report the other day about a Catholic school booming in Brooklyn, we have this story about a broader trend in Utah: Christa Aquilla wanted her kids to go to a school that taught religious values and had a sense of community. She and her [Read More...]