Ohio State President on Notre Dame: “You Can’t Trust Those Damn Catholics…”

I’m sure he meant it in jest. Details:  The president of Ohio State University said Notre Dame was never invited to join the Big Ten because the university’s priests are not good partners, joking that “those damn Catholics” can’t be trusted, according to a recording of a meeting he attended late last year. At the [Read More...]

“Parish-based Catechesis Has Been An Abject Failure”

Remember scenes like this one in a Catholic classroom?  Learning the catechism?  The basics of Catholicism?  Things have changed. Not long ago, I heard of a grade-schooler who was attending his First Communion and, when the pastor in his homily mentioned the honor and privilege of “eating the Body of Christ,” the kid freaked.  He [Read More...]

Who’s the Longest-Serving Priest in the United States?

Well, here’s a look at one who’s up there, and holds at least one distinction among many: Holy Cross Father Theodore M. Hesburgh is one of 22 members of Holy Cross celebrating anniversaries of Ordination or Religious Profession during this year’s Jubilee. A celebratory Mass is scheduled for today at the Basilica of the Sacred [Read More...]

Cardinal Dolan’s Commencement Speech: “Let Me Tell You the Secret of Notre Dame…”

This is pretty wonderful: Cardinal Timothy Dolan’s 2013 commencement speech at Notre Dame: Thank you, Notre Dame, for the joy of your company, the gracious invitation, the warm welcome, and the high honor of this degree. It was so obvious I almost missed it . . . See, ever since, almost a year ago, Father [Read More...]

Service, Scholarship and Speaking in Tongues

And now for something a little different, from Canada:  Pacific Academy in Surrey considers itself unique among schools, and few would disagree. Thanks to a billionaire benefactor, the academy has a 40-acre campus with four handsome brick buildings housing primary, intermediate, middle and secondary grades. It boasts an international baccalaureate (IB) program, state-of-the-art media centre, [Read More...]

Educator says Catholic job offer was withdrawn after speculation that he is gay

Details of a surprising discrimination claim, from Wisconsin:  A day after Regis Catholic Schools announced Tim Nelson would not become its next president, he charged that Regis officials pulled the job offer based on speculation he may be gay. Nelson, 48, who was announced April 4 as the choice to lead the local private school [Read More...]

Plans approved for first mixed Catholic and Protestant school campus in Northern Ireland

Not so long ago, this idea would have been unthinkable: Northern Ireland’s first shared education campus for Catholic and Protestant schoolchildren has been granted planning approval. Up to six schools with 3,700 pupils are expected to be based at a former Army barracks in Omagh, Co Tyrone, Stormont’s power-sharing government revealed today. The relic of [Read More...]

Carnegie Mellon president apologizes for “highly offensive” pope parody

You may remember this story from earlier.  Details:  A Carnegie Mellon University coed’s semi-nude papal parody in a spring carnival parade was “highly offensive,” university President Jared Cohon said on Wednesday. “We have procedures for a reason: to protect both the university’s interests and those accused of violating our community standards or policies. We will [Read More...]

Gonzaga reverses decision, recognizes Knights of Columbus

You may remember this story from a few weeks back.  Now, an update:  A March decision to decline official club status to a Knights of Columbus college council at Gonzaga University because the group was all male and exclusively Catholic has been reversed by Gonzaga president Thayne McCulloh. A statement issued from the president’s office Tuesday also [Read More...]

Woman student in art parade dresses like pope—but naked from the waist down—UPDATED

But wait, there’s more:  At an annual art school parade [at Carnegie Mellon University], a female student dressed up as the pope, and was naked from the waist down while she passed out condoms. Even more, witnesses say the woman had shaved her pubic hair in the shape of a cross. The Diocese of Pittsburgh has asked [Read More...]