Archdiocese of Cincinnati to clarify morals clauses in teachers’ contracts

From The Cincinnati Enquirer:  Remember the Catholic schools contract that stirred controversy this past year? The one that included a new morality clause for teachers, sparking online petitions and a Downtown protest? Well, it’s getting another update – with some tweaked language and a new cover letter school officials say will clarify what is expected [Read More...]

SF teachers sign petition protesting archbishop’s morality clauses

From the AP: Teachers and staff from four Catholic High Schools in the San Francisco Bay Area are urging their archbishop to remove morality clauses from the faculty handbook. Teacher Jim Jordan said Tuesday a petition with 355 signatures of teachers and staff will be delivered to Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone by union representatives. Jordan is [Read More...]

PR heavyweight hired to fight SF archbishop

From The SF Weekly:  There’s a new contender in the faith-fueled fight between Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone and parents, students, and teachers of local Catholic schools. Media relations heavyweight Sam Singer is now representing the embattled Catholics of conscience in the holy war of public relations. Archbishop Cordileone issued new morality clauses banning teachers from public [Read More...]

Report: SF archbishop reassessing morals code for teachers

From The San Francisco Chronicle:  Under pressure from parents, students and staffers at the San Francisco Catholic Archdiocese’s schools, Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone said Tuesday that he is reexamining strict guidelines he proposed for teachers that would require them to reject homosexuality, use of contraception and other “evil” behavior. Cordileone also said he is dropping an [Read More...]

Report: SF school distributes pamphlets about sodomy, masturbation—UPDATED

The parish involved is Star of the Sea, which made news last month for the pastor’s decision to stop using girl altar servers.  The latest:  In the latest controversy to strike the Catholic Church in San Francisco, elementary school students at the Star of the Sea School were given pamphlets referring to sexual topics that some parents [Read More...]

Archdiocese of San Francisco issues “clarifying” statements for high school faculty on sex

Details: The conservative Roman Catholic archbishop of San Francisco has developed a new document for Catholic high school faculty and staff clarifying that sex outside of marriage, homosexual relations, the viewing of pornography and masturbation are “gravely evil.” Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone’s document applies to faculty and staff at four Catholic high schools: Riordan and Sacred [Read More...]

In Oakland, teachers must “demonstrate a public life consistent with the teachings of the Catholic Church”

Details: The new contract introduced by Bishop Michael Barber is intended to be less harsh than last year’s, which for the first time included a controversial requirement that teachers conform to church doctrine in their “personal” life. Still, the new contract language begs a question that could be asked in many workplaces: Where does public [Read More...]

“Religious accommodation”: Duke University chapel to have Muslim call to prayer every Friday

Duke University Chapel via Wikipedia / Public Domain The university’s press release:  Members of the Duke Muslim Students Association will chant a weekly call-to-prayer from the Duke Chapel bell tower beginning Friday, Jan. 16. The chant, called the “adhan,” announces the start of the group’s jummah prayer service, which takes place in the chapel basement [Read More...]

Michael Keaton on his Catholic education: “It kind of builds who you are”

Michael Keaton in 2013 (photo: Gage Skidmore / Wikipedia) Details:  Michael Keaton says his education at a Catholic school shaped the person who he is. The 63-year-old actor admits he endured tough discipline during his time at school when he was growing up in Pennsylvania, but rather than resent the treatment he believes it made [Read More...]

Catholic enough? Archdiocese launches Office of Catholic Identity Assessment for schools

From Catholic San Francisco:  Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone is creating a new Office of Catholic Identity Assessment for Catholic high schools starting Jan. 1 – an initiative that may be the first in the country. The office will not only work with the four archdiocesan high schools which fall directly under the archdiocesan Department of [Read More...]