The “Spirit of Inclusion” at Catholic schools

Make of this what you will. But this strikes me as something new on Catholic campuses: explicit and prominently publicized acceptance—or “inclusion”—of young people who are gay. First, this item about the University of Notre Dame popped up: The University of Notre Dame, an icon of American Catholicism, increasingly has been going against that current [Read More...]

Catholic chaplain at Harvard: Black Mass is “a matter of hatred, an affront to our Catholic sensibilities”

Details from Catholic News Agency:  Fr. Michael Drea, senior chaplain at the Harvard Catholic Student Association, told CNA on May 8 that he has seen “a huge groundswell from Catholics on campus, as well as alumni” protesting the black mass re-enactment, which the priest characterized as “absolutely ludicrous” and extremely offensive. …Fr. Drea said that [Read More...]

UPDATE: Students WILL be allowed to thank God during graduation speeches

Hot on the heels of the story that broke yesterday, a swift reversal:  Following the e-mail sent by Dr. Hvastkovs, ECU Provost Dr. Marilyn Sheerer sent an e-mail to chemistry majors who received the initial statement. Dr .Sheerer wrote, “Please disregard Dr. Hvastkovs’s previous email regarding your departmental graduation statement he sent to you on [Read More...]

What the hell is Harvard thinking?—UPDATED

Yes, it’s true. Elizabeth Scalia has confirmed it: the The Harvard Extension Cultural Studies Club is indeed hosting a Black Mass Monday night. And the group staging this event, The Satanic Temple, has announced plans to use a consecrated host. The Extension School issued a vague and rather passive aggressive statement about this “controversial event,” without [Read More...]

University students banned from thanking God during graduation speeches

Considering how often the Almighty’s name is invoked before exams, this strikes me as a bit odd. Details: A professor at a public university in North Carolina forbade his students from thanking God in personal statements that will be delivered during their departmental graduation ceremony on Friday. In an email obtained by Campus Reform, Assistant Professor [Read More...]

How dumb are Americans when it comes to religion? Very.

I’ve said it before: I think journalism students in the 21st century should be required to study and have a working knowledge of world religions. Based on this, maybe that should be a requirement of all college students. From Nicholas Kristof in The New York Times:  Secular Americans are largely ignorant about religion, but, in [Read More...]

Catholic school retracts job offer to headmaster after his marriage breaks up

It happened in the UK:  A headmaster was sacked from his job at a top catholic school before he even started because the governors discovered he had split up with his wife. Christopher Belli, 38, was offered the top job at Corpus Christi RC High School in Cardiff in February following a lengthy recruitment process. [Read More...]

Teachers protest new Catholic teacher contract prohibiting gay “lifestyles,” IVF

You may remember when this made news a few weeks back. Now, some teachers are challenging the contract:  About 60 people gathered Tuesday on Fountain Square to protest new language in the Cincinnati archdiocese’s teacher contract. They walked to the archdiocese offices on East Eighth Street, they said, to hand-deliver petitions – including an online [Read More...]

Where are parents sending their kids to school in New York City? You might be surprised

A reader sent me the graph above, from the New York City Independent Budget Office, with this news: Jewish schools now serve the largest number of students among nonpublic schools, with enrollment close to 95,000. Enrollment at Jewish schools has eclipsed that of Roman Catholic schools, historically the most popular alternative to public schools. Enrollment [Read More...]

Zero tolerance: New York students expelled from Catholic school for wearing blackface, Confederate flag

Details: Four Long Island teenagers have been expelled from their Catholic high school, two for wearing a Confederate flag at a sporting event and two for posting a photo of themselves in blackface on a social media site. The incidents took place last week and involved students at St. Anthony’s High School in the Suffolk County [Read More...]