Catholic principal fired—again

Some may remember when this school principal from the Bronx made headlines a couple years ago. Now he’s back in the news again: A Bronx principal who was canned after being exposed as a bigot has been fired from another Catholic school in Pennsylvania after he was unmasked as a liar. Frank Borzellieri, the former [Read More...]

Help save a school founded by a saint

It’s Mother Cabrini High School in New York City. A little background: Mother Cabrini High School was founded in 1899 by St. Frances Xavier Cabrini as Sacred Heart Villa and continues to be sponsored by her order, the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. What began as a “residential school for young ladies” [Read More...]

Pittsburgh Catholic schools try “cyber days” instead of snow days

I wonder how the kids feel about this. Details from The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:  The digital age giveth and it taketh away. For students in northern climes, the ritual of turning on the TV or radio on winter mornings, aquiver with the anticipation of a snow day declaration — indeed the snow day itself — may [Read More...]

Seattle students plan “Z-Day” protest—UPDATED

Details:  Students from Eastside Catholic High School and other Catholic secondary schools  delivered a message outside the Archdiocese of Seattle on Saturday afternoon:  We are not going away, and we are taking our protest to a new level. “We care too much about Mr. Zmuda to let this go,” said Ian Edwards, a senior at [Read More...]

Report: surge in “late baptisms” in UK to get kids into Catholic schools

From the Telegraph newspaper: Rising numbers of children are being given late baptisms amid a scramble for places at the most popular Roman Catholic schools, it has emerged. Figures show that the number of children baptised after their first birthday has soared by a third in just 10 years. At the same time, fewer “cradle” baptisms [Read More...]

Meet a Muslim living with Mormons and attending a Catholic high school

Photo: Bob Brawdy/Tri-City Herald Details from the Tri-City Herald in Washington state: A Muslim exchange student lives with a Mormon family and attends a small private Catholic high school. It’s not a sitcom script. It’s a real-life cultural immersion experience for 16-year-old Muhammad Janjua. Janjua, who goes by Umer, is living, learning and forging new [Read More...]

Seattle students continue protests over fired gay teacher

Seattle, you have a problem. Details: Former Eastside Catholic Vice-Principal and Coach Mark Zmuda is now affectionately known as “Mr. Z”.  Mark Zmuda was fired last week for marrying his partner this summer which has touched off a lightning rod situation of equality vs. church doctrine.  Students of East Catholic have rallied for Zmuda’s  return with sit [Read More...]

For sale: NYC’s oldest Catholic school

One of its former students: Martin Scorsese. Details from The New York Daily News:  The Catholic Church is peddling a piece of history — the oldest Catholic school in the city. The cash-strapped Archdiocese of New York is selling off the St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral School on Prince St., on the grounds of the original [Read More...]

Parents, alumni demand gay vice principal be reinstated at Catholic high school

The story from last week is taking on a life of its own. Details from ABC News:  Alumni, students and parents from a Seattle Catholic school are fighting to have a revered vice principal reinstated, after school officials discovered his marriage to another man. Supporters of Mark Zmuda vowed to pull funds from Eastside Catholic [Read More...]

Seattle Catholic students protest departure of gay teacher

Details:  When Eastside Catholic High School ended the employment of its vice principal for marrying his same-sex partner, it joined a growing list of Catholic institutions that have fired gay employees for marrying, announcing wedding plans or advocating too enthusiastically for gay marriage. The terminations — more than 15 across the country in the last [Read More...]