Bishop blesses ranch site of Catholic college from horse-drawn carriage

Well now: there’s a picture you don’t see every day. Complete with altar server in surplice. Yee-haw! Details (and a prominent mention of one of our Patheos writers!) below: Bishop David Ricken, a founder of Wyoming Catholic College, flicked holy water across the prairie as a horse drawn cart took him over a portion of [Read More...]

Ever think of switching to decaf, Nick?

Behold, Nicholas Selby’s jaw-dropping welcome speech to students at Georgia Tech this week.  It almost makes me want to go back to school. Almost. Read more about it here. [Read more...]

Fired gay teacher in Ohio reaches settlement with Catholic school

You may remember this story.  The update, from a Columbus TV station:   A teacher who was fired from a central Ohio Catholic school after her homosexuality was made public has agreed with the Columbus Diocese that she will not return to her former job. The law firm representing former Bishop Watterson High School teacher Carla [Read More...]

Students at Catholic school rally to support fired gay teacher

A followup on a story from last month, in the Los Angeles Times:  Students rallied Thursday at St. Lucy’s Priory High School in Glendora to support a gay teacher who was fired after he married his partner. Ken Bencomo, 45, of Rancho Cucamonga, was fired from his teaching position at the Catholic girls school after photos [Read More...]

Archdiocese of New York Hires Outside Organization to Run Schools

Details:  In an unprecedented move, the Archdiocese of New York is trying to save six cash-strapped elementary schools by allowing an outside organization to run them. The Partnership for Inner-City Education — which has a history of working with city Catholic schools — is contracting with the archdiocese to manage the finances and oversee the [Read More...]

Prominent Minnesota Catholic School Leader Says He is in a Gay Relationship, Resigns

Details:  The president of a prominent Minnesota Catholic high school resigned last week after he informed other school officials that he is in a same-sex relationship, according to a letter sent Tuesday to people connected to Totino-Grace High School. William Hudson‘s resignation from the Fridley school was effective last Friday. The letter detailing his exit came from the [Read More...]

As Catholic Schools Close, Minorities See a Lifeline Slipping Away

From the New York Times:  Sonia Sotomayor lives in Washington, but she has never forgotten her roots in the Bronx. On a drizzly March afternoon, she returned to Blessed Sacrament School, where she began her celebrated, if improbable, journey from her South Bronx childhood to the Supreme Court. But instead of a joyous reunion, it [Read More...]

Catholic League: “Reaction by Conservatives to Obama’s Speech in Ireland is Simply Insane”

The statement, which may surprise some people, from Bill Donohue: There are plenty of reasons to be critical of President Obama’s policies as they relate to the Catholic Church, and I have not been shy in stating them. But the reaction on the part of conservatives, many of whom are Catholic, over his speech in [Read More...]

UPDATE: Teacher Fired Because of Abusive Husband Offered New Job

An followup on a story I posted over the weekend:  A California Catholic school teacher fired for allegedly posing a safety risk because she was a victim of domestic violence has received a new job offer in a different city, KNSD-TV reported on Monday. Carie Charlesworth told the station that an anonymous school official at a [Read More...]

Catholic School Fires Domestic Violence Victim Over Concerns About Her Husband

Details:  A San Diego teacher was fired by Holy Trinity School following a domestic violence incident involving her ex-husband. Second-grade teacher Carie Charlesworth is out of a job, but not for anything she did in the classroom. Her school district considers her a liability and too unsafe to have around following a domestic violence dispute [Read More...]