What’s on TV tonight? Don’t ask

The AP’s David Bauder watches TV so you don’t have to.  And it’s not pretty: Last week seemed typical for CBS’ sitcoms on Monday night, television’s most popular — and raunchy — night of comedy. There was a strip club visit on “How I Met Your Mother,” lap dance included. The stars of “2 Broke [Read More...]

More divorces spell out religious practice in custody agreements

And it can create quite a few complications. From the Washington Post: A cultural shift in thinking about parenting and gender roles has led to a surge in divorced couples agreeing to more detailed shared custody arrangements that increasingly spell out how they will practice and talk about their religious faith. Agreements of the past [Read More...]

The new normal: parents making out with their kids

Incest, anyone? The Anchoress has veins bulging out of her neck over this — and me, I’m just stupefied: A pep rally prank intended to bring laughter and cheers at a Minnesota high school has instead sparked a firestorm of controversy after parents of some senior student athletes took a practical joke too far. As [Read More...]

Less than half of children growing up in home with married parents — UPDATED

At a time when a lot of us are gathering with our families, a new study indicates that a majority of those families are fractured: Only 46 percent of children in the United States will reach age 17 having grown up in a home with biological parents who are married — a figure that has [Read More...]

Tangled: how sperm donors and surrogates are changing the family tree

And the branches are harder to discern. Below, cousins who are also, biologically, half-siblings. The New York Times looks at some strange and disturbing trends: Laura Ashmore and Jennifer Williams are sisters. After that, their relationship becomes more complex. When Ms. Ashmore and her husband, Lee, learned a few years ago that they could not [Read More...]