Catholic school employs first openly gay high school coach in South Dakota

Details:  Nate Alfson will start practice Thursday as the returning coach of the Dell Rapids St. Mary girls volleyball team, he confirmed Tuesday night. Alfson, who announced he was gay last week on the website, met with St. Mary officials Tuesday afternoon and originally declined to comment on the meeting’s outcome. He told [Read More...]

A pastor presides at his son’s gay wedding, and pays the price—UPDATED

The story behind a case that made headlines a few months back, from The New York Times:  Father and son had always been close, from the moment Tim Schaefer was born, six weeks premature, with blood poisoning, a weak heart and lungs, and a doctor who thought he would not make it through the night. [Read More...]

“How do Christians respond to the transgender issue?”

A priest reader passed this along, noting:  Perhaps some of your readers, especially priests might benefit from it. Three years ago I had my first experience with this in confession. I was speechless during the face to face encounter. At the time, I truly felt horrible because in my mind I was thinking “what are [Read More...]

An estimated 5,000 gather for March for Marriage in Washington

Details:  Rita Alderete is single, but she values the idea of marriage being a relationship between one man and one woman. That’s why the young, diminutive pastor of the Kingdom Tabernacle of Worship church in Paterson, New Jersey, stood under overcast skies in hot, humid weather Thursday, preparing to “March for Marriage,” a now-annual rally [Read More...]

SF archbishop responds to critics on the March for Marriage

He has posted a letter on the archdiocesan website. He doesn’t mention his most prominent critic, Nancy Pelosi, but several others are named on the letterhead. The letter: Dear Fellow Citizens, Your letter sharing with me your thoughts on the upcoming “March for Marriage” in Washington, D.C., was forwarded to me while I was attending meetings [Read More...]

Students protest after Catholic school pulls yearbook picture of girl wearing tux

Details:  Hundreds of students at a San Francisco Catholic school wore ties to class Friday to protest an administrative decision to keep the graduation photo of a female student wearing a tuxedo out of the yearbook. The outcry became contagious as word spread across social media and support for Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory senior Jessica Urbina flowed in from around [Read More...]

Teachers protest new Catholic teacher contract prohibiting gay “lifestyles,” IVF

You may remember when this made news a few weeks back. Now, some teachers are challenging the contract:  About 60 people gathered Tuesday on Fountain Square to protest new language in the Cincinnati archdiocese’s teacher contract. They walked to the archdiocese offices on East Eighth Street, they said, to hand-deliver petitions – including an online [Read More...]

Catholic Malta legalizes gay civil unions

Details:  The Maltese parliament legalized same-sex unions and gay adoption on Monday in a 37-0 vote, signaling a major change in social policy for a conservative country where Catholicism is the state religion. “Malta is now more liberal and more European, and it has given equality to all its people,” Labour Prime Minister Joseph Muscat [Read More...]

Washington Post: gay marriage is new test for Catholic Church

Photo: by Astrid Riecken for the Washington Post Details:   Having worked in Catholic church music ministry for nearly 40 years — basically his entire adult life — Mike McMahon thought he knew the landscape and his place in it. As a gay person, all was fine as long as he was “discreet.” And that worked [Read More...]

Lesbians’ baby baptized in Argentina’s cathedral

From CNN:  Umma Azul, whose godmother is the country’s President, on Saturday became the first child of a lesbian couple to be baptized by the Catholic Church in Argentina. Carina Villarroel and Soledad Ortiz asked Archbishop Carlos Jose Nanez for the blessing, according to national news agency Telam. The bishop reportedly said their marital status [Read More...]