Meeting about nun’s talk draws nearly 1,000—UPDATED

This story generated a lot of attention earlier in the week.  And the response last night was reportedly huge:  Nearly 1,000 parents gathered at Charlotte Catholic High School on Wednesday night to air complaints about a recent speech to students by a nun who made what many considered inflammatory comments about gays and lesbians, divorce [Read More...]

Cincinnati Catholic school superintendent defends new contract

That contract made news several days ago. Now, Jim Rigg pens a column about that for the Cincinnati Enquirer:  Instead of instilling new requirements, the revised contract attempts to lay out, in abundantly clear language, some of the principles of the Catholic Church. The listing is not exhaustive, and admittedly focuses on issues where the Catholic [Read More...]

British politician who supports gay marriage refrains from receiving communion

From The Telegraph:  One of Britain’s most senior Roman Catholic MPs says he feels unable to take Holy Communion in his local church after his bishop suggested that politicians who voted for same-sex marriage should be denied the sacrament. Conor Burns, who co-chairs a parliamentary committee on Vatican relations, said the remarks by the Bishop of Portsmouth, [Read More...]

The Anchoress nails it. Again.

Behold:  You know that whole, “refusing to serve someone because they think differently than you is all Jim Crow-y and immoral?” Yeah, well…so much for that. A gay stylist in Santa Fe refused to cut New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez’s hair due to her stance on same-sex marriage. KOB-TV’s Stuart Dyson reports. A Santa Fe hairdresser [Read More...]

Catholic school pulls out of Boston St. Patrick’s Day parade—UPDATED

From The Lowell Sun: A Catholic school in Harvard has withdrawn from the South Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parade, reacting to reports that a gay rights group will be allowed to march. Brother Thomas Dalton, principal of the school at Saint Benedict Center, said the school does not want to appear to condone the homosexual [Read More...]

Religion survey shows shifting attitudes toward gays

Not a lot of surprises here, but it gives a compelling snapshot of the times in which we live. From the Public Religion Research Institute:   In the decade since Massachusetts became the first state to legalize same-sex marriage, Americans’ support for allowing gay and lesbian people to legally wed has jumped 21 percentage points, [Read More...]

Great moments in broadcasting: mom’s hate-filled RSVP was a hoax

This story got a lot of attention on social media earlier in the week. The image above, and the shock and outrage it inspired, cropped up again and again on my Facebook feed a few days ago. Well, what do you know? Turns out it wasn’t true:  The alleged homophobic note sent by a mother in [Read More...]

Gay man files discrimination complaint against Catholic school for refusing to hire him

From The Boston Globe: Matthew Barrett thought he had found his dream job. He had worked in the food industry for more than two decades, and when he was offered a job in July as food services director at Fontbonne Academy, a Roman Catholic-based girls’ prep school in Milton, he quickly accepted. But Barrett, 43, [Read More...]

UPDATE: President of Seattle Catholic high school resigns after gay marriage controversy

Details: The president of a suburban Seattle Catholic school has resigned in the turmoil following the school’s decision to force out a vice principal who married his same-sex partner. Eastside Catholic School trustees have accepted Sister Mary Tracy’s resignation, effective immediately. In an email sent to parents, staff and others Tuesday evening, trustees said it [Read More...]

Seattle Catholic school offers gay drama coach new contract

Here’s an interesting followup to the story that was sparking protests—but it appears this employee’s status and terms of employment are very different. Details: The Eastside Catholic drama coach who feared for her job after coming out as gay on The Ron and Don Show now says she is being embraced by the school’s administration [Read More...]