Teachers protest new Catholic teacher contract prohibiting gay “lifestyles,” IVF

You may remember when this made news a few weeks back. Now, some teachers are challenging the contract:  About 60 people gathered Tuesday on Fountain Square to protest new language in the Cincinnati archdiocese’s teacher contract. They walked to the archdiocese offices on East Eighth Street, they said, to hand-deliver petitions – including an online [Read More...]

Catholic Malta legalizes gay civil unions

Details:  The Maltese parliament legalized same-sex unions and gay adoption on Monday in a 37-0 vote, signaling a major change in social policy for a conservative country where Catholicism is the state religion. “Malta is now more liberal and more European, and it has given equality to all its people,” Labour Prime Minister Joseph Muscat [Read More...]

Washington Post: gay marriage is new test for Catholic Church

Photo: by Astrid Riecken for the Washington Post Details:   Having worked in Catholic church music ministry for nearly 40 years — basically his entire adult life — Mike McMahon thought he knew the landscape and his place in it. As a gay person, all was fine as long as he was “discreet.” And that worked [Read More...]

Lesbians’ baby baptized in Argentina’s cathedral

From CNN:  Umma Azul, whose godmother is the country’s President, on Saturday became the first child of a lesbian couple to be baptized by the Catholic Church in Argentina. Carina Villarroel and Soledad Ortiz asked Archbishop Carlos Jose Nanez for the blessing, according to national news agency Telam. The bishop reportedly said their marital status [Read More...]

Meeting about nun’s talk draws nearly 1,000—UPDATED

This story generated a lot of attention earlier in the week.  And the response last night was reportedly huge:  Nearly 1,000 parents gathered at Charlotte Catholic High School on Wednesday night to air complaints about a recent speech to students by a nun who made what many considered inflammatory comments about gays and lesbians, divorce [Read More...]

Cincinnati Catholic school superintendent defends new contract

That contract made news several days ago. Now, Jim Rigg pens a column about that for the Cincinnati Enquirer:  Instead of instilling new requirements, the revised contract attempts to lay out, in abundantly clear language, some of the principles of the Catholic Church. The listing is not exhaustive, and admittedly focuses on issues where the Catholic [Read More...]

British politician who supports gay marriage refrains from receiving communion

From The Telegraph:  One of Britain’s most senior Roman Catholic MPs says he feels unable to take Holy Communion in his local church after his bishop suggested that politicians who voted for same-sex marriage should be denied the sacrament. Conor Burns, who co-chairs a parliamentary committee on Vatican relations, said the remarks by the Bishop of Portsmouth, [Read More...]

The Anchoress nails it. Again.

Behold:  You know that whole, “refusing to serve someone because they think differently than you is all Jim Crow-y and immoral?” Yeah, well…so much for that. A gay stylist in Santa Fe refused to cut New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez’s hair due to her stance on same-sex marriage. KOB-TV’s Stuart Dyson reports. A Santa Fe hairdresser [Read More...]

Catholic school pulls out of Boston St. Patrick’s Day parade—UPDATED

From The Lowell Sun: A Catholic school in Harvard has withdrawn from the South Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parade, reacting to reports that a gay rights group will be allowed to march. Brother Thomas Dalton, principal of the school at Saint Benedict Center, said the school does not want to appear to condone the homosexual [Read More...]

Religion survey shows shifting attitudes toward gays

Not a lot of surprises here, but it gives a compelling snapshot of the times in which we live. From the Public Religion Research Institute:   In the decade since Massachusetts became the first state to legalize same-sex marriage, Americans’ support for allowing gay and lesbian people to legally wed has jumped 21 percentage points, [Read More...]