Must-read: “The end of casual Christianity” by Michael Gerson

View image | A different take on the recent survey by Pew, from the former Bush speechwriter and Washington Post columnist: For conservative Christians, a psychological adjustment is taking place. In a de-Christianized culture, it becomes harder to imagine yourself part of a “moral majority.” This was never quite true, but now, with the decline [Read More...]

This news made my week: Denise is here at Patheos!

That would be Denise Johnson-Bossert, who makes any selfie look better: That was the two of us at JFK Airport, picking up our baggage after the 10-day religious blogger trip to Jordan  last month. (Moments after I snapped that picture, security came by and barked, “No pictures!” If Denise had not been so sweet and obliging, we’d [Read More...]

On Cardinal George: “The whole notion of him being this arch conservative is so wrong…”

The Anchoress has a guest blogger today, Sean Conolly, who describes a different man from the one so often depicted in the media (both Catholic and secular). In particular, as a bishop in the early 1990s, Francis George was actively engaged in helping establish a faith community that would be composed of both Catholics and Protestants. [Read More...]

“Francis has taken a new course from the one he initially traveled”

An astute observation from Sandro Magister: Until the synod of October 2014, Jorge Mario Bergoglio had repeatedly and in various ways shown encouragement for “openness” in matters of homosexuality and second marriages, each time with great fanfare in the media. Cardinal Kasper explicitly said that he had “agreed” with the pope on his explosive talk [Read More...]

Words the world needs to hear

  They are the words of a 12-year-old Iraqi refugee named Tamara in Ankawa, Iraq, as reported by CNS, and they are beautiful: “ISIS took everything,” she said,  “but we still have our faith in Jesus Christ, and they will never take it.”   CNEWA President Msgr. John E. Kozar, meeting these extraordinary people while [Read More...]

“Why I, a Protestant, pray the ‘Hail Mary’ and use a rosary”

Compelling testimony from another Patheos blogger, Christian Piatt: I practice the “Hail Mary.” Not only that, but I use a rosary to go through my prayers. I’ve shared this with some folks, and inevitably someone is surprised by this. I’ll get something like, “I didn’t know you’re Catholic,” or “Why pray to Mary? After all, [Read More...]

We’ve all been there…

…but not all of us are armed. Headline of the week: Colorado man ticketed for shooting his computer; says it was worth it [Read more...]

Journey to Jordan: meet the mayor of Amman, in the “land of the sunrise of faith”

If you were looking for a figure representing the diversity and religious harmony of Jordan, you couldn’t do much better than a man who was born in Gaza, was raised a Quaker, married a Muslim, and now serves as the mayor of the capital city of Amman. Meet Mayor Akel Biltaji. Read the rest over [Read More...]

We pause here for a word about food during our trip

The word is: incredible. You have to read Max’s account of loaves and fishes from yesterday. But back at the hotel? Like I said: incredible. Especially the desserts. But wait, there’s more to whet your appetite, with some tasty food for thought from other Patheos bloggers. Diana von Glahn has the first account of our visit [Read More...]

Reconciliation, from the priest’s point of view

Yesterday, I posted about my visit to a church in midtown Manhattan to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Today, my blog neighbor Fr. Michael Duffy tells the story from the other side of the screen:  I walked into the church at ten to three and already fifty people were waiting.  I went into the priest’s sacristy, [Read More...]