We’ve all been there…

…but not all of us are armed. Headline of the week: Colorado man ticketed for shooting his computer; says it was worth it [Read more...]

Journey to Jordan: meet the mayor of Amman, in the “land of the sunrise of faith”

If you were looking for a figure representing the diversity and religious harmony of Jordan, you couldn’t do much better than a man who was born in Gaza, was raised a Quaker, married a Muslim, and now serves as the mayor of the capital city of Amman. Meet Mayor Akel Biltaji. Read the rest over [Read More...]

We pause here for a word about food during our trip

The word is: incredible. You have to read Max’s account of loaves and fishes from yesterday. But back at the hotel? Like I said: incredible. Especially the desserts. But wait, there’s more to whet your appetite, with some tasty food for thought from other Patheos bloggers. Diana von Glahn has the first account of our visit [Read More...]

Reconciliation, from the priest’s point of view

Yesterday, I posted about my visit to a church in midtown Manhattan to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Today, my blog neighbor Fr. Michael Duffy tells the story from the other side of the screen:  I walked into the church at ten to three and already fifty people were waiting.  I went into the priest’s sacristy, [Read More...]

Sidestepping orders from the Vatican, Medjugorje “visionary” hosts “apparition” in private home in Missouri

View image | gettyimages.com Seriously? What part of “No” didn’t they understand? From Te Deum laudamus:  Last week the CDF intervened in St. Louis to stop an event involving Ivan Dragičević. Reportedly, over 1000 people were planning to attend, with tickets sold and a center rented.  Archbishop Carlson said he was to remind people that, “they are not [Read More...]

Message for today: Stop whining

“The enemy has taken most of the Church and turned them from prophets into a bunch of complainers – myself included. We spend more time complaining about life than prophesying the love and grace of God over it. It’s an interesting thing when we silence all our prophets and turn them into complainers because it [Read More...]

Curt Schilling stands up for his daughter—and wins

Tony Rossi has the scoop:  Former baseball great Curt Schilling … tweeted a congratulatory message to his daughter for making it onto the Salve Regina University softball team next year. Soon after, the vulgarity about his daughter started. Schilling wrote on his blog: I started to see…tweets with the word rape, bloody underwear and pretty much [Read More...]

“The Anchoress” speaks!

Look who turned up in a Q & A over at America, our own Elizabeth Scalia:  What do you do as managing editor? I seek out strong writers who have something to say about the life of faith—in all of its glories and its teeth-gritting difficulties. While some writers lean left or right, they’re all starting [Read More...]

Working wonders together

Of all the remarkable things that take place in this gospel passage, the most significant may be that none of the apostles do it on their own. “Jesus summoned the Twelve,” Mark wrote, “and began to send them out two by two.” After that, all bets are off. The apostles expel demons and cure the [Read More...]

How not to preach

That’s the provocative—and very accurate—title of an essay in the current issue of America magazine by John J. Conley, S.J. Good advice, through and through, concluding with: Permit me to offer two positive counsels to preachers. First, fall in love with God’s word in Scripture. Let the great hymn of creation, fall and redemption become [Read More...]