Beautiful ways to say “You can make a difference”

From my blog neighbor Tony Rossi:  Today we’re highlighting the top three winners in The Christophers’ 24th Annual Poster Contest for High School Students. Each year, students – grades 9 through 12 – are invited to create a poster that visually interprets the theme, “You Can Make a Difference.” This year’s contest drew over 1,000 [Read More...]

“Don’t set yourself against your Mother!”

I grow weary. I’m weary of the fighting. The name-calling. The ad hominems. The sneers and finger-pointing. I’m weary of the Catholic-against-Catholic warfare that has left too many muddied and bloodied. I’m weary of Catholics hurling accusations at bishops, notably the Bishop of Rome, in an effort to divide the faithful and turn the flock [Read More...]

I’m sure there are tasteful ways to incorporate a newborn baby into a wedding. This isn’t one of them.

In a sling sewn into a wedding gown, being dragged down the aisle by the bride (who is, of course, also the mother). Kathy Schiffer has the scoop.   [Read more...]

The perils of celebrity priests

Over at Catholic Answers, Michelle Arnold has a thought-provoking piece about the perils of celebrity priests.  And she offers a valuable check list with some warning signs: I cannot presume to offer advice to priests on how to avoid the trap of celebrity. I can only leave that to the discernment of the priest and [Read More...]

Intrinsic evil: what the Catholic Church teaches about torture

Over the last 24 hours, in the wake of the Sarah Palin NRA comments, I’ve heard from many Catholics who are evidently unfamiliar with the church’s teaching on torture. Here’s one clear statement, from St. John Paul II, in his 1993 encyclical Veritatis Splendor:    80. Reason attests that there are objects of the human [Read More...]

“The sacred and profane collide on the Via Dolorosa”

Thousands of pilgrims walk the streets of Jerusalem every year, retracing the footsteps of Christ, the Stations of the Cross, along the Via Dolorosa or “Way of Sorrows.” Some years back, writer George Martin described his experience of that Way of the Cross, and it’s been posted this week over at my other blog, CNEWA’s [Read More...]

Spy Wednesday, when we realize who we really are

This day marks “Spy Wednesday,” when Judas plotted Christ’s arrest and “spied” for an opportunity to betray him. From the vault:  Think [Judas] was the only one? Think again. How many of us break bread with Christ on Sunday—sharing a dish, savoring his grace, experiencing his presence—only to damn him on Monday? How many of [Read More...]

On that singing nun and the “acid bath of ingratitude”

The good folks at CNS have posted a transcript of that conversation that Sister Cristina had with the Italian judges after her sensational performance on Italy’s “The Voice.” She speaks of how she has “a gift to give,” and talks freely about her joy in giving it. To wit:  Raffaella Carrà: Listen Sister Cristina, are [Read More...]

“You don’t have to like your priest”

An interesting observation via Word on Fire, from Dominican Br. Patrick Mary Briscoe: It may well be the case that your parish priest preaches homilies that are—how do we say it gently?—uninspiring. Maybe you’ve come to him to ask a serious question about the faith concerning a teaching or mystery you’ve really struggled with, and [Read More...]

What does it mean to be “Catholic”?

Author Peter Manseau looks at that question in The New York Times:  Even as the pope appears to be opening a big tent, others in the church hierarchy ensure that it will not expand too far. Last July, in response to a question about gay priests, Francis famously uttered one of the lines that set [Read More...]