What does it mean to be “Catholic”?

Author Peter Manseau looks at that question in The New York Times:  Even as the pope appears to be opening a big tent, others in the church hierarchy ensure that it will not expand too far. Last July, in response to a question about gay priests, Francis famously uttered one of the lines that set [Read More...]

The hunger game: the challenge of fasting during Lent

The good people at Legatus Magazine invited me to write a few words about fasting for Lent. Check ‘em out: I was doing perfectly fine, sitting at the diner, scanning the menu and steadfastly determined to have a tuna melt for lunch … until someone at the table next to me made a fateful decision. [Read More...]

Hooray for Holy-wood!

My blog neighbor Tony Rossi watched the Oscars last night so the rest of us didn’t have to—and caught some inspiration and some religion, to boot: One sweet moment occurred during Jared Leto’s Best Supporting Actor acceptance speech when he spoke about his mother’s past and shared a story that could give hope to other young women [Read More...]

Just desserts: Let them bake cake—or not

Over at First Things, Elizabeth Scalia wades into the conscience wars over providing (or not) various services to gays: The question is no longer whether couples may marry, but whether a baker may refuse to sell them a wedding cake on the strength of his religious or moral conscience, without risking a lawsuit. Anyone can [Read More...]

Hey, it’s the pope!

John Allen in today’s Boston Globe offers some examples of what can only be called the Franciscan style: Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York is a member of a Vatican council that oversees the Synod of Bishops, a summit of Catholic prelates from around the world. The council meets every so often in a building a [Read More...]

Happily ever after: when a Catholic wedding takes place behind bars

From Carol Glatz at CNS comes this great heart-tugger of a story:  Even a jailed inmate can have a fairytale, Catholic wedding. The Vatican newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano, ran a lovely story of one couple’s journey of preparation for the sacrament of marriage. It’s not your typical scenario: the couple had been together for 27 years, had [Read More...]

Wheel faith: Miami bikers raise funds for Catholic charity

 Miami Archbishop Thomas Wenski sports his custom riding vest – a gift from the Florida Knights of Columbus group, Knights on Bikes – as he stands beside his Harley Davidson motorcycle before the start of the Poker Run. Photo: Tom Tracy/Florida Catholic First, Pope Francis auctioned off a Harley.  Now this. From Florida Catholic:  Computer [Read More...]

“Pope Mary and Pope Martha”

My blog neighbor Fr. Dwight Longenecker has a great insight into the two men in white now living at the Vatican:  Together, Mary and Martha represent prayer and action, and both are needed for the Gospel to move forward. Now at this crucial time in human history, the Church offers in these two living popes [Read More...]

Best description of Seattle. Ever.

Hot on the heels of last night’s less-than-cliffhanger Super Bowl, a much-too-gleeful Washingtonian (Mark Shea) captures the essence of his hometown with a sentence that will bedazzle and bewilder.  This will infuriate Broncovians, delight Seattle-ites, and leave in a stupor anyone who even attempts to diagram it. Behold: Here in the land of gentle whale [Read More...]

“There will always be those who reject truth; we need to make sure it isn’t our growling teeth that causes them to flee…”

I stumbled across this in a blog post by Diane Korzeniewski, about celebrated preacher Fr. Bill Casey, and it hit me between the eyes: Some mistakenly think that I am against pointing out problems facing Catholics, or among the members of the Church, or even confronting people with error.  That’s not the case.  What I [Read More...]