“Pope Mary and Pope Martha”

My blog neighbor Fr. Dwight Longenecker has a great insight into the two men in white now living at the Vatican:  Together, Mary and Martha represent prayer and action, and both are needed for the Gospel to move forward. Now at this crucial time in human history, the Church offers in these two living popes [Read More...]

Best description of Seattle. Ever.

Hot on the heels of last night’s less-than-cliffhanger Super Bowl, a much-too-gleeful Washingtonian (Mark Shea) captures the essence of his hometown with a sentence that will bedazzle and bewilder.  This will infuriate Broncovians, delight Seattle-ites, and leave in a stupor anyone who even attempts to diagram it. Behold: Here in the land of gentle whale [Read More...]

“There will always be those who reject truth; we need to make sure it isn’t our growling teeth that causes them to flee…”

I stumbled across this in a blog post by Diane Korzeniewski, about celebrated preacher Fr. Bill Casey, and it hit me between the eyes: Some mistakenly think that I am against pointing out problems facing Catholics, or among the members of the Church, or even confronting people with error.  That’s not the case.  What I [Read More...]

Sister tact: advice from a nun on how to keep peace in meetings

Here’s something you don’t see every day: a piece on corporate behavior and politics … by a religious sister. Details:  Thirty years ago, I became a Catholic sister as one way to live out my desire to make the world a peaceful place. Almost immediately, I ran into heartbreak. At age 30, I thought I [Read More...]

“My wife and I are atheists but our daughter wants to be baptized Catholic…”

With a H/T to Fr. Duffy, here’s a remarkable testimony, in London’s The Guardian:  Our little girl…has made a life-defining decision by herself. I couldn’t be more proud of her. But I cannot deny that what she said to my wife and I stopped us briefly in our slightly smug, religiously disinterested, bleeding-heart liberal tracks. [Read More...]

Thomas Aquinas on correcting bishops

Some insightful and important words from Diane over at Te Deum laudamas:  If all of us spent as much time with our noses in the Summa as we do perusing Catholic commentary about current events, we might actually become holy witnesses for the faith.  Some of what is out there is downright disturbing and a danger to [Read More...]

A Catholic reacts to anti-Catholicism: why Elizabeth Scalia’s response matters

Of all the ink that has been spilled over the appalling anti-Catholic screed by Jamie Stiehm, the most powerful and, to my mind, inspiring response has come from our own Elizabeth Scalia. Late today, she offered this assessment:  It ought not be dismissed, though, not when U.S. News — which has always been a more-than-respectable news [Read More...]

Raise a glass tonight to the men who invented champagne: monks!

From my blog neighbor Frank Weathers:  Let me just skip you straight to the Wikipedia citation for champagne, complete with footnotes for you to follow up on: Contrary to legend and popular belief, Dom Pérignon did not invent sparkling wine, but he did make important contributions to the production and quality of Champagne wine.[6][7] The oldest recorded sparkling [Read More...]

A classic: Woody Guthrie’s New Year’s resolutions

Here are some simple rules for living, from the iconic songwriter and troubadour: At age 31, he was in the prime of his life, with a wife and three kids, as well as a good deal of life experience, having survived the Dust Bowl to make it out to California. As a result, it’s a [Read More...]

“All of life is Christmas, an eternal gift from God…”

Lest we forget, some beautiful words from my friend, Trappist Fr. James Stephen Behrens: The world is a feast of mysteries and we see but really do not understand them. We cannot penetrate them with our knowledge, our alleged sophistication. Yet they come again and again. We cannot catch them and hold them, to better [Read More...]