“You don’t need to wear a cassock to the grocery store to reveal the compassionate face of God”

“It is striking that there would be so much energy poured into defending the uniqueness in clothing styles and the insistence on titles – some suggesting that clerical titles be used even among family and friends. The question for reflection is whether or not how we dress, how we interact with others, how we introduce [Read More...]

We are all Vinicio Riva

The Anchoress gets the scoop—and the man’s name:  Vinicio Riva, whose head and neck are covered with tumors due to a rare disease, told an Italian magazine that his disfigured appearance has led to a lifetime of living on the margins. [...] Riva, who lives in Vicenza in northern Italy, said he suffers from neurofibromatosis [Read More...]

“We do nothing to earn the love of God, and there’s nothing we can do to lose it…”

From the incomparable Anchoress:  We do nothing to earn the love of God, and there is nothing we can do to lose it — we can only reject it. We are loved into being. We did nothing to deserve that. Our whole being came about because the love of the Creator said “yes” to his [Read More...]

“God meddles in our miseries, he approaches our wounds and heals them with his hands”

Using that stunning picture from earlier in the week as a starting point, CNS has posted an overview of some memorable photographic moments with Pope Francis. Writer Carol Glatz makes note of something beautiful the pontiff said during a recent homily: “God meddles in our miseries, he approaches our wounds and heals them with his [Read More...]

My cover has been blown

Will Duquette writes about my other life in doo wop. The cat’s out of the bag, daddy-o… [Read more...]

“How to Become an Annoying Catholic”

Part of it is to “smile and be merry.” (see the meme!)  But there’s some more great advice from Emily Stimpson at CatholicVote, who includes this timeless advice: “Love.” A snip: After writer Andrew Sullivan was diagnosed with AIDS, he was shocked when Pat Buchanan sent him a kind note, saying how very sorry he [Read More...]

“Marriage isn’t for you”

This wonderful testimony has now gone viral. If you haven’t read it yet, take a moment, read, and share it. It’s superb. This just might find its way into my next wedding homily. From Seth Adam Smith: Having been married only a year and a half, I’ve recently come to the conclusion that marriage isn’t [Read More...]

First reaction to Pope Francis interview: “Context, friends, context”—UPDATED

While people try to find their balance after this morning’s seismic jolt in La Repubblica, at least one observer, Fr. Z., offers something firm to grab onto: I think the Francis has a pretty good BS detector.  He’ll need it. Conscience… Your Holiness you wrote that in your letter to me. The conscience is autonomous, you [Read More...]

A former atheist gets it

It’s our own Leah Libresco, writing about priests and vestments: When an actor puts on costuming and grease- paint, she does it to become someone else, both to the audience and to herself. A director I worked with once told me to start working on a show by getting different shoes, or, failing that, by [Read More...]

Is there room for someone like Sarah in the Church?

Elizabeth Scalia takes note of a searching soul she once knew:   I never met Sarah; ours was one of those modern online friendships defined by two people who never reside in the same time zone, yet–thanks to the combox and email–become intimate, devoted friends. She was a Lutheran, a scholar, a veteran who served twenty [Read More...]