Great moments in journalism: is Bradley Manning a “he” or a “she”?

Yes, editors are seriously wrestling with this question. Evidently, some contend that a person’s desire to be something trumps the reality of his or her actual gender. From the New York Times:  It was an announcement that left typically agile news presenters, reporters and editors stumbling over their words on Thursday: the lawyer for Pfc.Bradley [Read More...]

Great Moments in Journalism: MSNBC Host Wears Tampon Earrings

Details:  On her MSNBC show Sunday, Melissa Harris-Perry introduced a new type of jewelry inspired by the recent protests at the Texas Capitol. Tampon earrings. “My producer Lorena made for me, last week, some tampon earrings,” Harris-Perry said as she inserted them into her pierced ears. “Because, of course, you’ll remember the Texas state legislature [Read More...]

Bear Necessities: A Great Moment in Journalism

What can you do if you spot a bear this summer?  Here’s everything you need to know, from a local TV station in Rhode Island. The last 30 seconds of this report are, trust me, priceless. You’re welcome. [Read more...]

Great Moments in Journalism: MSNBC Host Wants to Create a Manual on How the Vagina Works

From yesterrday’s edition of “Morning Joe” comes this roundtable on the abortion situation in Texas.  Guest host Thomas Roberts has in exchange with Nicole Wallace wherein they discuss Wendy Davis.  Snip:  THOMAS ROBERTS: But wasn’t she standing up for femaleness in general and women’s reproductive rights? It’s interesting to see Kathleen Parker and people like [Read More...]

Great Moments in Journalism: Wherein Bob Schieffer Learns a Thing or Two About Gay Marriage

This comes via Da Tech Guy on DaRadio:  There was a moment during Sunday’s victory lap on the News shows for gay marriage and its media allies who support it that was very telling. Bob Schieffer the oldest and fairest (and that’s not saying much) of the Sunday Morning Hosts in the MSM had just [Read More...]

Great Moments in Journalism: How the AP Reported Corpus Christi

From Venezuela, we learn this fascinating tidbit:  The descendants of African slaves donned masks and bright red costumes as they danced through the streets of this small Venezuelan town on Thursday for its annual commemoration of Corpus Cristi. [sic] Young men beat drums and shook maracas as the “devils” paraded through the streets and people [Read More...]

Great moments in journalism: for Easter, the NY Times lays an egg

I was otherwise engaged on Sunday, and didn’t check out the NY Times.  But other sharp-eyed readers caught this doozy:  Elisabetta Povoledo is a Rome-based reporter for the paper’s international edition, but either she or her copy editor made a mortifying mischaracterization of the meaning of Easter in an online story on Pope Francis posted [Read More...]

Great moments in journalism: NBC News states the obvious

A classic headline this morning, from NBC News: Status quo leader: Same-sex marriage, abortion unlikely under Pope Francis [Read more...]

Great moments in journalism: a headline for the ages

Source.  [Read more...]

Great moments in journalism: the New York Times just gives up and lets a PR firm run things

A one-time giant in journalism gets caught with its pants down.  It’s not pretty. From Get Religion’s Mollie Hemingway, who did a little digging into a prominent sidebar the Times ran on the March for Life.  The sidebar focused on a letter sent by 60 presumably prominent Catholics, “saying that if marchers and politicians truly [Read More...]