Tony? Is that you?

Fascinating stuff for today, the feast of St. Anthony of Padua: The University of St. Anthony of Padua’s Anthropology Museum, together with a team of international forensic researchers, have attempted to reconstruct the face of St. Anthony using only a digital copy of his skull. Using the latest 3D technology, the researchers worked to recreate [Read More...]

Francis, the saint who kissed hands—and hooves

A reader alerted me to this piece by Archbishop Charles Chaput, which talks about the significance of the saint from Assisi and offers these details, which may have some connection to a popular habit of Pope Francis: In his biography of Francis, Augustine Thompson—the Dominican author—notes that Francis had a passionate devotion to the Blessed [Read More...]

“Don’t set yourself against your Mother!”

I grow weary. I’m weary of the fighting. The name-calling. The ad hominems. The sneers and finger-pointing. I’m weary of the Catholic-against-Catholic warfare that has left too many muddied and bloodied. I’m weary of Catholics hurling accusations at bishops, notably the Bishop of Rome, in an effort to divide the faithful and turn the flock [Read More...]

Romero beatification announcement?

Maybe: The Salvadoran Church says that it will have a major announcement about the canonization process of slain Salvadoran Archbishop Óscar A. Romero next Sunday, May 18.  In describing the upcoming announcement, Auxiliary Bishop of San Salvador Msgr. Gregorio Rosa Chávez would only say that it will be  “very good news” and that “all indications are that we are on the [Read More...]

It’s official: Paul VI to be beatified in October

From Rocco:  It’s been expected for months… and this morning, it’s official: continuing his predecessors’ respective rises to the honors of the altar, the Pope signed the decree affirming a miracle through the intercession of Giovanni Battista Montini, Pope Paul VI, scheduling the tormented, tragic figure’s beatification for October 19th, coupling it with the closing Mass of the Extraordinary [Read More...]

Report: Paul VI to be beatified in October

Details:  The Vatican has recognized a supposed miracle attributed to Paul VI’s intercession and will beatify the late Italian pope in October, a Vatican source said on Tuesday. According to the Italian news agency ANSA, the apparent miracle identified by the Vatican’s Congregation for the Causes of Saints was the healing of an unborn baby [Read More...]

At the canonizations: “I wanted to minister literally to the fringes”

CNS wrote about the extraordinary number of people who attended the canonizations this morning—and spoke with a certain deacon who said something wise and, in fact, moving: About 150 cardinals and 700 bishops concelebrated the Mass. About 6,000 priests attended, as well as deacons, to help distribute Communion to as many people as possible. U.S. [Read More...]

“Saint John XXIII and Saint John Paul II were not afraid to look upon the wounds of Jesus…”

From Pope Francis’s homily at the canonizations: The wounds of Jesus are a scandal, a stumbling block for faith, yet they are also the test of faith. That is why on the body of the risen Christ the wounds never pass away: they remain, for those wounds are the enduring sign of God’s love for [Read More...]

The debate over canonizing two popes

From the always-interesting John Thavis:  The record-setting speed of John Paul II’s canonization does, indeed, raise some questions. The “Santo subito!” (Sainthood now!) banners in St. Peter’s Square at the funeral of the Polish pope reflected the sentiments of many faithful who thought his deep spirituality, evangelizing energy and strong defense of human rights made [Read More...]

“Dear deacons, be active apostles of the new evangelization…”

With canonization fever under way, I thought it would be a good time to remember what one of the future saints had to say about deacons. In 2000, during the Jubilee, Pope John Paul offered these remarks to deacons: Dear deacons, be active apostles of the new evangelization. Lead everyone to Christ! Through your efforts, may [Read More...]